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  • What type of clothing will I need to go canoeing?
  • What kinds of sleeping bags work best?
  • How much is a good sleeping pad?

For a detailed listing of the gear information for the 2009 trip, click on Canoeing Personal Equipment Checklist (PDF, 9kb). For additional information pertaining to canoeing equipment, clothing, boots, stoves, and much more, click on the various links (on the right) that we have listed.

NEW!  Learn how to tie the knots you'll need
for canoeing. 

If you have a favorite web site or a special recommendation on gear, please send them along to Gerry Snyder (gsnyder [at] ksu.edu) so that I can post them up on this web site. Thanks :)

On-Line Equipment: 

Campmor Catalog -- http://www.campmor.com/


REI -- http://www.rei.com/

Cabela's-- www.cabelas.com

Outdoor/Hunting -- www.cheaperthandirt.com 

Coleman -- http://www.coleman.com


Canoe Country gear:

Woolrich -- www.woolrich.com

Sierra Trading Post -- www.SierraTradingPost.com

mosquito combat gear -- http://www.bugshirt.com/

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2010 4-H Venturers Backpackers ---
Personal Equipment Checklist

2010 Backpacking Personal Equipment Checklist, PDF (15kb)

* Pack with padded hip strap — minimum 3,500 cubic inches
* Pack cover — waterproof nylon or large plastic bags
* 6-12 plastic bags — assorted sizes

* Sleeping bag (rated to 10-20 degrees, lightweight) in waterproof bag 
* Sleep clothes — worn only in sleeping bag
* Straps to hold sleeping bag onto pack
* Foam or Thermarest sleeping pad

Wearing (packed in zip-top plastic bags)
* Hiking boots — well broken in, waterproof(ed)
* Lightweight sneakers or tennis shoes for camp
* 2 pair heavy wool/wool blend socks
* 2 pair lighter inner socks
* 2 changes of underwear
* 2 t-shirts (no cotton) — you will get a quick-dry poly shirt to wear on the trail
* 2 pairs of hiking shorts
* 1 long-sleeve shirt — wool or synthetic
* 1 pair long underwear — polypropylene
* 1 sweater –wool or synthetic fleece
* 1 hat or cap, flexible with brim
* 1 sturdy rain suit or poncho (absolutely necessary)
* 1 pair rain pants or quick dry long pants
* 1 lightweight jacket/windbreaker
* 1 pair gloves — wool or fleece

* Deep bowl or plate (small)
* Drinking cup (hot liquids)
* Spoon
* 2 1-quart Nalgene water bottles (A)

Personal and Miscellaneous
* Small pocket knife (A)
* Matches or lighter (BB)
* Flashlight (small with extra batteries)
* Compass – liquid filled
* Sunglasses
* Sun screen (BB) (S)
* Small towel or bandana
* Lip balm (BB)
* Toothbrush (BB)
* Toothpaste (BB) (S)
* Biodegradable soap in leap proof container (BB) (S)
* Comb/brush
* Moleskin or Molefoam
* Insect Repellent (BB) (S)

* Belt
* Band-aids
* Camera (BB)
* Watch
* Rubber bands
* Foot power (BB)
* Note pad and Pen
* Wet Wipes

(BB) Packed together in plastic bag to be placed in bear bag at night
(A) Easily accessible in pack or carried on person
(S) Shared with tent mate

 Clothing En Route

You will need changes of clothing for the days we are not in the backcountry.  Use a very small duffle bag for these items.  No hair dryers or curling irons (one will be provided by female adult advisor).  Space is limited. 

Note:  You'll leave all your techie gadgets in the front country as they are not allowed in the backcountry!!!

For Traveling Days


  • Small duffle bag


  • Sleeping bag
  • Foam sleeping pad


  • Shoes and/or sandals
  • Socks (2-3 pair)
  • Underwear (2-3)
  • Shorts (2 pair)
  • Long Pants (1 pair)
  • Long-sleeve shirt / sweater/ sweatshirt

Personal and Miscellaneous

  • Soap and shampoo
  • Lightweight bath towel (old and thin)
  • Camera and film
  • stamps for postcards
  • Deck of cards, books, games