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This is Pat's favorite section.

Please send us your favorite camping recipe.
Whether it is trail mix, quick energy lunch or a scrumptious dinner, we want your recipes.

Please send me your favorite camping recipe.
Photos are welcome too.
Thanks :)



 On-Line Sites:

New-Scoutorama.com - Camping Food and Dutch Oven Recipes.

Cache Lake Quality Camping Foods - great meals for the die-hard outdoor enthusiast and for the easy-living vacationer.

LDP Camping Foods - freezed dried foods and more

Grandma's Country Foods - check out their camping foods.

Recipes Submited by:

Jo Ellen Arnold - TJ's Gringo Pie, Memphis Molly's desert

Colter (Bar) Macy- Frying Fish

John Payne - Bagels and Fruit Syrup, Sherpa tea, Rich trail Cocoa, other teas and drinks.

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