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We are looking for a few good leaders for our Shakedown and Summer Adventure trips.

Crew Leaders
One of the unique components of the program is based upon crew leadership. Crews will be formed consisting of teens and adults (9-12 people per crew, depending upon wilderness area policies). Each crew will select two of their youth members to serve as the Crew Leader.

These Crew Leaders have a lot of responsibility placed upon their shoulders. They delegate work tasks and make sure that every member is doing their part; they make decisions and represent the crew as needed; they work with the adult advisors to make sure everybody is doing okay. They set the pace and influence the attitudes of their crew. It is an honor to be a crew leader!


Adult Advisors
Each crew will have three adults leaders who will serve in an advisory role for the group. Many of the adults are volunteer 4-H leaders or BSA leaders who take valuable vacation time to spend with teens in the outdoor setting. Adults must enjoy working with teens, thrive on adventure and value group building experiences. Why so many adults on each crew? The program believes in the value of three-deep leadership in order to handle emergency situations and provide a safe environment for the youth participants in the backcountry.

More information will be posted for Leaders as we get closer to the Spring Shakedown trip.

Health, Safety & Rescue - safety always comes first. Check out what we practice.

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