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2010 Shakedown 

Shakedown, June 4, 5, 6 2010: Rock Springs 4-H Center, South of Junction City
This training is mandatory for those attending the summer trip. Beginning at 5pm on Friday, June 4 and concluding by 1pm on Sunday, June 6, this is an intensive training. You'll do lots of teambuilding, learn the basics of low-impact camping, outdoor cookery, first-aid and knot tying. Plus, you'll learn about backpacking and the use of light-weight gear.

IMPORTANT: Due on June 4 is your BSA Medical/Physical Form, Kansas 4-H Participation Form, Assumption of Risk and Release Form and the remainder of your fee payment.

Pack Your Bag - Bring your backpack with your hiking clothes and gear.
2010 Backpacking Personal Equipment Checklist, PDF (15kb)

More information will be posted here when available.


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