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Dog Conference & Quiz Bowl - "4-H Dogs Under Construction"

What: The Kansas 4-H Dog Conference & Quiz Bowl

Educational Classes:  Classes will be posted by August 25th as they are confirmed.

The conference will have a special scavenger hunt, "4-H Dog Olympics" contest, dog skill-a-thon, quiz bowl, prepared and inpromtou presentations, plus s'mores and much more.

The mini dog quiz bowl for 7-9-year olds will be continued.  Youth will learn how quiz bowls work in a fun, non-threatening environment with lots of hands-on activities to teach new dog skills.  Youth participating in the mini quiz bowl may not compete in the general dog quiz bowl on a team or as an individual.

All youth must be chaperoned by parent or 4-H leader. County groups will be housed in the same cottage and all dogs must be on leash or kenneled in your room. Owners must pick up and bag after dogs.  

When: October 20-21, 2018

Where: Rock Springs 4-H Center, near Junction City, KS

Who: 4-H members 7-18 years of age.  Only one dog is allowed per youth participant that must be noted on the registration form.  Dogs are optional and may be included in the conference to aid in their socialization skills.  However, youth do not have to bring a dog to participate.  Parents, volunteer leaders and KSRE staff are also invited.

Registration: Click Here to Register  (Registration will go live around August 25, 2018).

Registration Fee:  Cost is $120.00 for full-time participants, $70.00 for Saturday only and $50.00 for Sunday only. T-shirts and hoodies may be ordered on-line for an additional cost of $11.00 and $27.00 respectively.

Registration Deadline:  October 8, 2018, 11:59 p.m.  There is a $25 cancellation fee once participants have registered on CVent through October 8, 2018.  No refunds will be given beginning on October 9, 2018.