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Host Family Information and Forms

From June through September, 4-H families are needed to host exchange delegates for three to four week periods. Exchange delegates represent their country's partner organizations and vary in age, but generally are from 12-25 years old.

States' 4-H Hosting

Kansas 4-H is always in need of Kansas 4-H families to host Japanese youth and adult chaperons for four weeks mid-July to mid-August. For information contact the Summer Japanese Inbound Coordinator, Rose Scott. Host family applications are submitted electronically, and are preferred by May 1, 2018.  Applications will be accepted until all our exchange delegates have been placed.  A national criminal background check will be required for all adults 18 and over who are living in the household at the time of the exchange.  Background check details will be sent once the host family application has been completed.

Use these below forms/links only for States' 4-H International Exchange Programs Host Families Information & Forms for Hosting Exchangees 12-18 Years Old for Japan, Finland, and Costa Rica in 2018. 

Stop.  Remember, unless you are applying to host a Japanese, Finnish, or Costa Rican youth in 2018, please go to the IFYE Host Family Application link listed mid-page under IFYE Hosting on this same page. 
Please note that host families are required to have a family member who will be in the home during the exchange as a host sibling who is within 2-3 years and the same gender as the teen to be hosted.  Incoming 4-H members from Finland and Costa Rica are from 15-18-years-old.

Kansas 4-H also participates in the Academic Year Program where high school students from Japan and South Korea spend 10 1/2 months living with a Kansas family and attend high school from August - June.  For more information about this program, click on the link below for the flyer.

IFYE and Kansas 4-H International Exchange Program Hosting

Host family applications are accepted on a year-round basis, and should be submitted each April preceding the summer or fall when the family would like to host. For information contact your local Extension Office or 4-H International Exchange Coordinator.  Kansas 4-H will again host several IFYEs and other Kansas 4-H International Exchange Program participants in the state during summer 2018. As the information becomes available, it will be posted below with a brief biography about each participant, when they will be in Kansas, and how many host families are needed.

Kansas will host 5 participants June - September, 2018.  A brief descriptions about each participant coming to Kansas and when they need Kansas host families is posted below. 

2018 Bio and Hosting Chart  (Last updated April 20, 2018).

Host Families Information and Forms for Hosting Exchangees/Participants:

  • Host Family Application Only (Form-Fillable PDF
    If the application does not appear as form-fillable, try using a different browser, e.g., Explorer or Chrome.  (It most likely will be necessary in Firefox for you to download the application and save it to your hard drive, before the form-fillable function works).  Please complete the application, resave it, and e-mail to Chelsy Champlin.
  • Host Family Photo Page Supplement to Application (Word)
    (Please include up to three photos of your family to share with your exchangee and e-mail to Chelsy Champlin).
  • Host Family Confidential Reference Form (PDF)(Word)
  • Host Family In-Home Interviewer Guide (PDF)(Word)
  • Host Family In-Home Interviewer Report (PDF)(Word)
  • Host Family In-Home Interviewer Verification (PDF)(Word)
  • Host Family Questions & Answers

Tips on Submitting the Electronic Forms for the National Background and the Child Abuse and Neglect Registry Checks

Kansas 4-H International Exchange Programs are sponsored by K-State Research and Extension.  One of the tenets of exchange programs is to provide a safe environment and a safe homestay for all youth and young adults involved in exchange programs.  Kansas 4-H follows the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel.  CSIET standards call for an in-home interview, positive references and a background check on every adult 18 or older who will be living in the home during the exchangees stay.  Adults, 18 and over who are visiting in the home for a short period do not need to complete the background check. 

1.  Child Abuse and Neglect Registry Form.  To start this, click on the link and download the form to your computer.  The form will then be form-fillable.  You may also print it out and fill in the information by hand.  Please completely fill out and sign the Kansas Department for Children and Families Information and Permission form.  Place it in an envelope and return it immediately to your local Extension Office, that will upload your form confidentially and safely for you.  We would prefer you not e-mail this confidential information, unless the file is encrypted with a password before it is sent.  For encryption directions, call Keli Yungeberg at 785-532-0751.  Please fill in every line of the form, including N/A on the third line, as applicable.  For female and male applicants, include any nick names or other names used including married name(s). The results of the check will be sent to the Kansas State 4-H Office and then communicated to Chelsy Champlin, Kansas IFYE Inbound Coordinator, at 785-248-6131, who then will be in contact with the host family contact.

Child Abuse and Neglect Registry Form

2. National Background Check Form. The following tips will help you navigate the national background check process:
  • Click on the link, National Back Ground Check.
  • Click on the Extension unit (county) where you participate in 4-H.
  • Each person 18 and over needing a background check must have a separate e-mail address and completely follow the process outlined.  It is not possible to use the same e-mail address for multiple persons in the home, since the system does not allow for that.  By using the same e-mail address, it will simply overwrite the information inputted, and only run the background check on the last person to use that e-mail address.
  • Enter specific e-mail address.  Remember e-mail addresses cannot be re-used or made up.  It must be a real functioning e-mail address.
  • Create a password and confirm password.
  • Follow the prompts and answer the question to verify.
  • Fill in all the information requested by using your full name.  Do not use nicknames or abbreviations.  For example, use James Madison Smith, Jr., not Jimmy Smith.
  • Under the field – Address 2, type in “IFYE Host Family Check”.  This will allow us to track your family’s background checks in the system much easier.
  • Do not use the back arrow.  This will take you back to the first page where it will ask you to re-insert your password and to reconfirm your password.  After entering this information once, you should then go to the upper right corner and log in using your existing password.
  • Read the presented information boxes.  Tick the boxes indicating you have read the information, understand the contents and/or agree that all statements are true.  Click on the “next” button to continue the process.
  • In a later screen verify that your contact information is correct.  If not, edit it, and hit the “next” button. 
  • Enter you date of birth and your social security number (confirm it) when prompted.
  • Insert your electronic signature using your mouse/pad when prompted.  Tick the box affirming the information and signature.
  • Hit "submit" and exit the system before starting another background check, if needed.
  • Your results will be automatically sent to the Kansas State 4-H Office where they will be reviewed.  You do not have to do anything else once you have submitted the background check request.
  • If you have questions, please contact Keli at 785-532-5800, M-F, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. or e-mail her at keliy@ksu.edu.
  • Thank you for your cooperation.

For More Information

Mary Kay Munson
States' 4-H Academic Year Program,
States' 4-H Exchange Programs
and IFYE Outbound Coordinator

Rose Scott
Kansas 4-H Japanese Coordinator

Chelsy Champlin
Kansas IFYE Inbound Coordinator

Deryl E. Waldren

Extension 4-H Specialist, Northwest Area

Extension Specialist, Northwest Area