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4-H Youth Development

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Kansas 4-H International Exchange Program Opportunities

World Citizenship>Genna Gehrt stands in front of a German Rathaus (city hall).   World Citizenship>Steuart Hensleigh with host family in Costa Rica.

2017 Kansas 4-H Exchange Program applications are due postmarked November 1, 2016, to Mary Kay Munson, 1114 N. Spring Valley Road, Junction City, KS 66441; 785-238-3631; munson@ksbroadband.net.   Applicants must interview in Manhattan, KS, tentatively scheduled for December 3, 2016.  Please note these two important dates.

States' 4-H International Exchange Programs Only

Outbound Application Forms for 13 to 18 Year-Olds Only

States' 4-H Outbound Programs from 4-8 Weeks Long for 4-H Members (See Flyer for Specific Ages) States' 4-H Chaperone Information and Forms States' 4-H 2017 Summer - Host a Youth From Another Country

There will be opportunities to host youth in 2017 from Japan, Costa Rica, Norway and South Korea.  See the below flyers to find out the details.

IFYE Representative Outbound Application Forms Only

For 19-25 Year Olds Only - IFYE's live with families abroad from three to six months in an adventure of a lifetime (Complete all required forms and return by the deadline of November 1, 2016).