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4-H Youth Development

Shooting Sports Task Force

4-H Shooting Sports Task Force – February 18, 2018

Zoom Conference

Task Force Members participating: Beth Alloway, Ray Bartholomew, Patsy Maddy, Dan Mosier, Daniel Skucius, Pam Van Horn, Wade Weber, and Cody Woelk

Report of current activities:

National 4-H Shooting Sports Team – Nancy Becker and Rod Deeken, Coordinators, team announcements soon; follow-up with pin orders with KSRE Bookstore once current supply and vendor located

Lead Instructors – Fall Match Steering Groups – steering groups met and submitted rules changes; National Training information sent to vetted potential level II instructors; state fair division finalized and submitted

Spring Match Steering Group – meeting and recruiting volunteers for April 28

Spring Training – April 6 – 8 – registration information available on the web site; requirement of volunteer screening articles in 4-H Tip Sheet, Tuesday Letter and Ray direct email sent to coordinators; articles defined volunteer roles and screening expectations

Public Speaking – proposal sent; new state fair rule with presentations - Shooting sports related entries must inform State Office of entry to meet safety requirements. They should follow Kansas State Law regarding firearms listed in the General Rules section of this Fair Book

Kansas 4-H Web Site – new page for Shooting Sports for notification of non-4-H advance competitive opportunities

Match T-Shirts – design submitted, approved and ordered; to be posted on web site soon

Task Force’s Discussion:

  1. Reviewed and discussed the proposed Fall Match rule changes from the steering groups. Discussed ways to further educate participants and parents concerning opportunities and understanding of competitive events.
  2. Talked about the shotgun steering group’s propose that starting in 2019, that shotgun state match be only for seniors ages 13 - 18.
  3. Concerns heard that county/district hosts for state qualifying matches have been allowing 4-H members to shoot more than once during matches to obtain the qualifying score to become eligible for state matches.


  1. Task Force recommended that the Fall Match rule changes be approved and posted to the Kansas 4-H Web Page.
  2. Task Force recommended an informational, educational document be written by the steering groups to send out to discipline specific certified instructors, agents, and coordinators for clarification on matches, scoring and competitive events.
  3. To further the educational opportunities an informational, educational document be sent to certified instructors, agents, and coordinators about the State Fair posters, educational displays and notebooks in addition to the presentation option.
  4. In agreement with the Shotgun Steering group, the Task Force recommended that that starting in 2019, that shotgun state match be only for seniors defined as ages 13 - 18.
  5. Research needed concerning the state qualifying matches allowing 4-H member to shoot more than once, locating documentation concerning the issue and re-instating regarding qualifiers.


4-H Shooting Sports – March 11 Rock Springs

Task Force Members participating: Beth Alloway, Ray Bartholomew, Patsy Maddy, Dan Mosier, John Reh, Daniel Skucius, Pam Van Horn, and Cody Woelk

Report of current activities:

National 4-H Shooting Sports Team – Nancy Becker and Rod Deeken, Coordinators, National Team announced and email notifications sent to team members, coaches, coordinators and extension agents; ready to visit with KSRE Bookstore; request from local unit for funding for coaches.

Spring Match Steering Group – Spring Match April 28, group planning and organizing, volunteers being recruited, registration posted to the Kansas 4-H Web Site; due April 2, 5 p.m.

Fall Match - Fall Match rules posted on web site; time spent editing the document; reiterated that documents recommended by Task Force and approved by Kansas 4-H.

Spring Training – Registrations being submitted, questions asked concerning the volunteer screening process, information sent via agents listserv and coordinators list.

National Training – Registration received and forwarded to vet volunteer before sign-up, reservations made for 12 volunteer slots now down to 10, travel to be coordinated to Iowa for training.

Public Speaking – Article submitted to the 4-H Tip Sheet and Tuesday Letter to promote State Fair opportunities of posters, educational displays, notebooks and public speaking.

General Items - Staff working on template for local units to provide copies of the 4-H participation forms for coordinators and/or instructors. 4-H Tip Sheet article to reiterate that local offices need to provide copies to instructors and/or coordinators. Research completed on the one opportunity at a match to qualify. Found in the Match Host guide.

Task Force’s Discussion:

  1. Reviewed and discussed an Administrative Advisory Structure based upon the current use of steering groups assigned for specific tasks. Examined how the Administrative Advisory might be comprised and its responsibilities.
  2. Assessed how current Level II instructors had been selected for National Training and current attempts for increased alignment with best management practices.   
  3. Conversed on ways to engage youth and adults in hands-on activities during matches while waiting for competitive shooting relays i.e. matching actives, games, etc. 
  4. Brainstormed ideas for sustaining vibrant, growing 4-H Shooting Sports programs across the state through STEM education, volunteer mentoring and enhancing instructor knowledge and affective teaching skills.
  5. Explored the need for an additional steering group focused on educational needs targeting extension agents and boards, volunteers and youth.


  1. Task Force recommended a draft be written to capture the thoughts for the Administrative Advisory Structure.
  2. The Task Force discussed providing scholarships for National Coaches and recommended NOT to offer funding for adult volunteers when youth have not received funding.
  3. Discussion on Level II instructors ensued Task Force recommended a continuance of vetting potential candidates to attend National 4-H Shooting Sports Training to include lead instructor and local unit recommendations.
  4. Task Force recommended the Match Steering group be directed to include an educational component for hands-on learning during the event.
  5. Task Force recommended to Administration that for Spring Match recruit or hire security for the match similar to security at school athletic events.
  6. Ideas for expanding and sustaining local 4-H Shooting Sports programs, Task Force recommended adding opportunities during training for local planning, assigning mentors for newly trained volunteers and training on 4HOnline.
  7. An Educational Steering Group was recommended to research the educational needs for targeting extension agents and boards, volunteers and youth.

Accepted recommendation:

  1. State 4-H Shooting Sports Training: 1) state require for authorization both the signatures of the agent and coordinator on the application to attend and take certification training; and 2) youth and adult volunteers have completed volunteer screening process before training begins.
  2. Definitions of 4-H Shooting Sports volunteers were reviewed and aligned with the Kansas Volunteer definitions. The definitions were included with the 4-H Shooting Sports registration information and promoted through Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet, Tuesday Letter and direct email to Coordinators.
  3. Promoting opportunities for showcasing 4-H Shooting Sports skill mastery at the Kansas State Fair and Spring and Fall matches.