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4-H Youth Development

Shooting Sports Task Force

4-H Shooting Sports Task Force – January 12 – 13, 2018

Rock Springs 4-H Center

Task Force Members participating: Beth Alloway, Ray Bartholomew, Patsy Maddy, Dan Mosier, John Reh, Daniel Skucius, Pam Van Horn, Wade Weber, and Cody Woelk

Report of current activities:

National 4-H Shooting Sports Team – Nancy Becker and Rod Deeken, Coordinators, 35 4-H members submitted application

2018 4-H Shooting Sports Lead Instructors

  • Archery - Eric Kratzer
  • Coordinator - Ray Bartholomew (Pam Van Horn assisting)
  • Hunting Skills - Wayne Hubbard and Beth Alloway
  • Muzzleloader - Mike Adams
  • Pistol - Charlie McIntosh
  • Rifle - Richard Becker and John Reh
  • Shotgun - James Eberwein
  • Western Heritage/Cowboy Action - Belinda Adams and John Torrance

National Shooting Sports Training -Clover Woods Camp Madrid, Iowa, on May 6-11; Pam and Ray working with local Extensions Units to get approval for those recommended to attend National Training

State Fair – Shooting Sports division under review by steering group

Spring Match - Garden City, April 28; steering group for planning, hosting and facilitating being recruited

Fall Matches – Rules to be posted on Kansas 4-H web pages once reviewed by individual discipline steering groups

Task Forces’ initial recommendations for the Kansas 4-H Shooting Sports Program

  1. Incorporate the National Minimum Standards and Best Management Practices that provide foundational procedures for 4-H Shooting Sports Programs within the Kansas 4-H Youth Development Policy to provide consistency, equality, and risk management across all 4-H programs as it relates to shooting activities.
  2. Align Kansas 4-H Shooting Sports with the Kansas 4-H vision and mission.
  3. Clarify expectations and responsibilities of state and local program coordination and implementation. Design and distribute an organizational chart.
  4. Develop a series of  “how to guides” with step-by-step recommendations for Extension Agents and/or Extension Board members to review and follow when considering and preparing to start or expand a local 4-H Shooting Sports program or enhancing 4-H Shooting Sports knowledge.
  5. Create a 4-H Shooting Sports “team” to focus on mentoring new local programs.
  6. Include within the 4-H Shooting Sports Training a time for local team goal-setting and collaboration among coordinators and instructors.
  7. Integrate the 4-H core values of learn-by-doing, youth-adult partnerships and mastery within the Program Development of 4-H Shooting Sports.
  8. Clarify the 4-H Shooting Sports Volunteer Management system for managing and stewarding the local program.
  9. Investigate and develop strategies for generating resources by creating partnerships and securing funds for the local 4-H Shooting Sports program.
  10. Recommended the 2018 Spring Match registration fees return to 2016 registration fees.