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4-H Youth Development

Kansas 4-H Shooting Sports Committee

Dan Mosier Wildcat District 2017 Archery  First
Lisa Cronkhite MLD - JA/NE 2017 Rifle First*
Cindy ColleReno2018RifleFirst
Beth AllowayRiley 2019 Hunting Skills Second
Lacey Noterman Haskell 2019 RifleFirst
Michelle Perez Butler 2019 Shotgun First
Rod Deeken MLD - Jefferson 2019 Rifle First
Ron Paterson Wyandotte 2019 Rifle First
Austin WaiteCowley2020ShotgunFirst
Caleb PatersonWyandotte2020PistolFirst*
James EberwinWabaunsee2020RifleFirst
John RehBarton2021RifleFirst
Briana Jacobus GPD - Logan By Position Pistol  
Ray Bartholomew Reno By Position   
Pam Van Horn State Office   

Interested in becoming a member? Fill out the Shooting Sports Committee Application

Shooting Sports Match Committee

Cindy ColleReno2017RifleSecond
Austin WaiteCowley2017ShotgunSecond
Katelyn MeggisonMLD - JA/NE 2017Rifle Second
Kurt WerthGray2017Rifle First
Barry ZimmermanJohnson2018Rifle Second
Dalton PerezButler2018ShotgunFirst
Phillip TheelWabaunsee2018ArcheryFirst
Katelyn RehBarton2018RifleFirst
Michelle PerezButler2018ShotgunSecond
Dan MosierWildcat District2018ArcheryFirst
Briana JacobusGPD - LoganBy PositionPistol 
Ray BartholomewRenoBy PositionWestern Heritage 

Interested in becoming a member? Fill out the Match Committee Application