4-H Happenings
  • NEA KAP Screening When: Thu Jan 8, 2015 8am to 5pm  CST

    Where: Pottorf Hall, Manhattan
  • SW Area KAP screening When: Thu Jan 8, 2015 9:30am to 2:30pm  CST

    Who: kansas4h@gmail.com
    Where: Cimarron
  • SE Area KAP Screening When: Fri Jan 9, 2015

    Who: kansas4h@gmail.com
  • Southwest Youth Leadership Form When: Sat Jan 17, 2015

    Where: Dodge City

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    News and Updates

    Internship Opening

    The Department of 4-H Youth Development is seeking a K-State undergraduate or graduate student student to serve as the coordinator of the Ag. Innovators Experience (AIE) grant program. This program will promote agriculture innovation and agriculture careers.

    See the detailed position announcement for more information.


    4-H Youth Development Specialist, New Youth and Adult Audiences Search

    Announcing the finalists for the 4-H Youth Development Specialist, New Youth and Adult Audiences position at K-State and KSRE. You must be logged in to view this information.

    4-H Youth Development Specialist, New Youth and Adult Audiences Candidates


    First Kansas Volunteer Inducted to National 4-H Hall of Fame
    Marilyn Pence Galle was one of 14 inductees from across the country recognized by the National 4-H Hall of Fame this year. Read the story here.



    48 Hours of 4-H - October 11-12

    On October 11 and 12, the weekend immediately following National 4-H Week, an estimated 3,000 people from at least 58 counties are expected to participate in more than 130 different community service projects. You can learn more about this on the 484H webpage and from this news article.


    New 4-H SPIN Club Resources Available

    The purpose of 4-H SPIN Clubs is to expand opportunities for youth and adults to experience and benefit from the Kansas 4-H youth development program. Through 4-H SPIN Clubs, youth not typically part of 4-H will participate in sustained 4-H youth development activities led by adult volunteers. In 4-H SPIN Clubs, youth will learn about a subject of interest to them, have positive interactions with their peers, and develop life skills.

    Newly developed resources are available to help with all aspects of SPIN club programming from recruiting volunteers to surveying the interests of youth. Resources can be found at here.


    Southwest Kansas 4-H Pilot Project

    Hispanic youth and their families are actively participating in 4-H in Southwest Kansas. They are discovering the value of 4-H as an organization that empowers young people to learn new skills, build their confidence and grow into capable, responsible adults. The purpose of the pilot project is to engage Hispanic youth and their families, primarily in Southwest Kansas, in a safe and active learning experiences that are grounded in positive youth development. The goal is to establish new clubs in which the youth fully participate in 4-H and engage in relevant and age appropriate programming in science, health and leadership development. In addition, support and guidance will be provided to parents in helping their children set and achieve their goals and aspirations for the future. Watch the video here


    Volunteering with Kansas 4-H
    One principle of positive youth development is the benefit of a positive, sustained relationship of the young person with a caring adult. Through this relationship, youth gain the confidence, connections, and caring they need to achieve their potential. In Kansas 4-H, we depend on thousands of adult volunteers to help fulfill the role of a caring adult.  Nearly 1,000 new individuals apply to become 4-H volunteers each year. In order to serve as a volunteer, all potential volunteers who have direct, on-going contact with youth must be screened through the Kansas 4-H volunteer screening process.

    As the largest youth development organization in Kansas and across the nation, 4-H must lead by conducting the most effective strategies and practices in volunteer screening and selection. All youth deserve a safe and caring environment, and all parents and guardians should expect that when their children are entrusted to the 4-H program, each child will be in a safe setting with caring adults.  Given this expectation, Kansas 4-H upgraded their 4-H Volunteer Screening process August 1, 2014.  The new process involves an application, reference check, interview, background check and an orientation.
    4-H Volunteer screening must be completed by:
    •              any individual who works in close, ongoing interaction with youth, or
    •              any adult or youth with authority to independently plan and conduct 4-H educational
                    experiences for youth with other adults present or in a public setting.
    Volunteers who do not fit into one of the above criteria would be considered episodic and do not need to complete the screening.

    4-H offers a variety of programs, training, activities and events specifically designed to support volunteers.  For more information, please contact your local K-State Research and Extension office.