Photography Action Team

The mission of the Kansas 4-H Photography Action Team is to create and expand opportunities for youth and adults interested in photography, provide volunteer leadership for extension unit , regional and state level events and work in cooperation with 4-H Specialists to define and refine photography curriculum and competition under the 4-H brand.  To apply to become a member of the Photo Action Team, please fill out the Action Team Application, (link to the right) and send it to the State 4-H Office.  Applications accepted through out the year.


Photography Action Team Members & Committees

  • Chairman: Susan Stich
  • Chair Elect: Karolyn Kellogg
  • Recorders: Christy Befort
  • Financial Officer: Bob Harlan
  • Shutterbugs in the Garden, (Botanica, Wichita): Eric Otte,
  • Shutterbugs in the Garden City Zoo: Pansy Fryman
  • State Fair Photo Judging Contest Chair: Tammy Grice
  • State Fair Photo Judging Contest Chair Elect: Gaylen Meriwether
  • Photo Adventure Camp: Gaylen Meriwether,  Kathleen Ramonda, Pansy Fryman
  • Photo Adventure Camp Committee members: Eric Otte,  Judy Irsik, Mary Lynn Buchele, Joshua Irsik
Adult Members
  1. Christy Befort, Ellis County
  2. Steven Buchele, Finney County
  3. Hannah Cornwell, Walnut Creek District
  4. Joyce Cornwell, Walnut Creek District
  5. Pansy Fryman, Finney County
  6. Bob Harlan, River Valley District
  7. Allison Grice, Sunflower District
  8. Tammy Grice, Sunflower District
  9. Carol Griffith, Twin Creeks District
  10. Judy Irsik, Finney County
  11. Karolyn Kellogg Howey, Reno County
  12. Mary Meier, Post Rock District
  13. Galyen Meriwether, Wyandotte County
  14. Eric Otte, Sedgwick County
  15. Kathleen Ramonda, Shawnee County
  16. Ben Stich, Southwind District
  17. Susan Stich, Southwind District
  18. Rod Buchele, Southwest Area 4-H Specialist
  19. Evelyn Neier, 4-H Youth Development Specialist
Youth Members
  1. Heather Befort, Ellis County
  2. Mary Lynn Buchele, Finney County
  3. Eleanor Cornwell, Walnut Creek District
  4. Katelyn Hageman, Butler County
  5. Joshua Irsik, Finney County
  6. Tony Pruitt, Shawnee County
  7. Scott Rac, Shawnee County
  8. Ben Yarnell, Southwind District


Photography Action Team Minutes
Photo Display Bags

The plastic bags used to display the photography exhibits at the State Fair are now available from the Extension Book Store, just like the Matte Boards. Cost is $12 per 100 bag package. Thanks for this go to the Kansas 4-H Foundation for sponsoring the start up costs. Place your order directly with the Extension Bookstore. An alternative bag is the HB11, this bag has a built-in hanger. This will need to be ordered directly from the supplier,