Kansas 4-H Shooting Sports State Event Calendar

2015 Fall Match Dates

September 19 - Archery - T.H.E. Archery Club in Topeka

September 26 - Shotgun and Hunting Skills - Wichita

October 3 - Smallbore Rifle, Smallbore Pistol, Muzzleloader - Capital City Gun Club in Topeka

2015 National Match Information  

Check out the national match information here!

Important Match Documents

Shooting Sports Matches
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Status Date County Disciplines
Due Date
Final 5/28/15 Cowley Archery 5/27/15  
Final 5/30/15 Gray Shotgun-Trap Only 5/22/15  
Final 5/30/15 Gray Archery 5/22/15  
Final 6/21/15 Lyon Archery 6/17/15  
Results Pending 6/27/15 Wilson Muzzleloading 6/20/15  
Match Approved 7/11/15 Ford Shotgun-Trap Only    
Match Approved 7/18/15 JA/NE Muzzleloading 7/10/15  
Match Approved 7/18/15 Butler Archery 7/15/15  
Match Approved 7/18/15 Cheyenne Archery  7/13/15  
Pending 7/25/15 Doniphan Shotgun    
Match Approved 8/2/15 Seward Shotgun-Trap Only 7/24/15  
Date Approved 8/8/15 Reno SB Rifle    
Match Approved 8/8/15 Johnson Shotgun-Trap & Skeet 7/31/15  
Pending 8/8/15 Barton Archery  7/29/15  
Match Approved 8/15/15 Johnson Archery  8/7/15  
Match Approved 8/15/15 Edwards Shotgun-Trap Only  8/6/15  
Pending  8/15/15 Barton Smallbore Rifle 7/31/15  
Match Approved 8/22/15 Cheyenne Archery  8/17/15  
Match Approved 8/22/15 JA/NE Shotgun-Trap & Skeet 8/14/15  
Pending 8/23/15 Sherman Shotgun-Trap & Skeet 8/19/15  
Date Approved 8/29/15 Reno Shotgun-Trap & Skeet    
Pending 8/29/15 Sedgwick SB Rifle & SB Pistol    
Pending 8/29/15 Ellis Archery, SBR, SBP, MZ 8/24/15  
Pending 8/29/15 Jefferson Archery  8/24/15  
Pending 8/30/15 Ellis Shotgun-Trap and Skeet 8/24/15  
*Status will be set as Pending, Date Approved, Match Approved, Results Pending, Final
Only Orion results will be posted on this page. Contact the local match director for complete results. 
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Kansas 4-H Appreciates our Partnership with the National Wild Turkey Federation!