Volunteer Screening (VIP) Information Page

To volunteer as a leader for Kansas 4-H, contact your local Extension Office.  You will need to fill out the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Service Application and provide it to the local Extension office. 

Volunteer Screening - Process and responsibilities:

Potential Volunteer responsibilities:
Complete and turn it into the local Extension Office the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Service Application
Complete the Orientation  Options for Orientation completion, (determined by the local Extension Office) include; Group Meeting, Online Orientation Course, one on one meeting.

Continuing Volunteers:
Complete and turn in the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Service Renewal Form annually


Costs for the National Criminal Background Checks required starting August 1, 2014:

The National Criminal Background Check (CBC) cost is $22.50 for the first time it is conducted on a volunteer, $16.50 for all subsequent checks (every three years). The Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry check is free, the $10 fee is waived because Kansas 4-H is a Kansas Mentor Organization.

Extension Staff go to:
http://www.kansas4-h.org/p.aspx?tabid=603 for staff resources

Orientation Resources