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Master 4-H Volunteer Program

The 2015 Master 4-H Volunteer training will be February 20 - 21, 2015 at Rock Springs 4-H Center.  Registration information will be available in October.  Save the date and check back here for more information.


Volunteers are fundamental to the 4-H program as they serve as advisors, guides, coaches, helpers and mentors. They come in all shapes and forms with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Some volunteers are long-term and other are short-term, yet all are unique.

Master 4-H Volunteers are special volunteers who want to grow and give back more in their role as 4-H Volunteers.  The Master 4-H Volunteer program provides this opportunity for volunteers who want the opportunity to contribute in a broader way. The Master 4-H Volunteer program strengthens and enhances the 4-H volunteer and the local program. 

In order to become a Master 4-H Volunteer, the individual must be a registered and appointed screened volunteer, attend specialized Master 4-H Volunteer training and "give back" 40 volunteer hours to the 4-H program within one year of the training. The individual must also be a past or present Organizational Leader, Project Leader or County Leader/Advisor.

Contact your local Extension Office for more details regarding the upcoming training sessions, registration forms and ways in which you could serve as a Master 4-H Volunteer.


2013 Master 4-H Volunteer Training

K-State Research and Extension 4-H Youth Development and the Kansas Association of 4-H Volunteers announce the opportunity for past and present Organizational/Community Leaders, Project Leaders or County/District Leaders/Advisor to pursue becoming Master 4-H Volunteers.  The next Kansas Master 4-H Volunteer training will be sponsored by Central Kansas District and will be held October 4 - 5 at the Salina Extension Office meeting room, 300 W. Ash, Salina.

Master 4-H Volunteers are special volunteers who to give back more to 4-H and grow and in their role as 4-H Volunteers. The Master 4-H Volunteer program strengthens and enhances the 4-H Volunteer and the local program.  The Master 4-H Volunteer program is an outstanding opportunity for volunteers who want to contribute to 4-H in a broader way.

Interested? Check the 2013 Master 4-H Volunteer Training brochure for qualifications, selection criteria and training topics. Please note the dates and costs for the training are different than the ones in the brochure.  the updated information is in this block.  Then talk with your local Extension Agent and apply to be a Master 4-H Volunteer. Registrations are due October 1, register with Sarah Maass, semaass@ksu.edu or Rod Buchele, rbuchele@ksu.edu. 

The training will start at 3:00 pm, October 4th and conclude after supper October 5th.  Participants will need to attend the complete training.

The training net cost is $30 .  Application/Registration for the 2013 Training is due October 1, 2013. 

Topics to be covered in the training are:

  • Overview K-State Research and Extension
  • Kansas 4-H Vision, Mission and Focus on the Future
  • Kansas 4-H Policies
  • Kansas 4-H Foundation
  • Risk Management
  • Personality Profile
  • Master 4-H Volunteer Projects
  • Volunteer Management Systems
  • Generational Characteristics
  • Youth and Adult Partnerships
  • Kansas 4-H Life Skills and Essential Elements
  • Positive Youth Development - The Five C’s
  • Guiding change - Keys to making change work
  • Program Analysis, SWOT Profile
  • Recognition and Motivation
  • Meeting with Experienced Master Volunteers
  • Project review and assistance
Master 4-H Volunteer Links

- 2015 Master 4-H Volunteer Brochure

- 2015 Master 4-H Volunteer Application/Training Registration Form

- REACH (Word) (PDF)

- Sample Master 4-H Volunteer Position Description (PDF)

- Blank Master 4-H Volunteer Position Description (Word) (PDF)

- Ideas for Master 4-H Volunteer Projects

- Master 4-H Volunteer Activity Log

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