4-H Youth Development
Project Listings


With over 30 projects, there's no doubt your kids will find something they're interest in.
BEEF                             Learn all aspects of the beef industry by raising a market steer or building
                                     your own heard by raising heifers and cows.
CITIZENSHIP                The Citizenship project is designed to help members find out more about
                                      themselves, family, friend, community and world.  The project will lead                                           to opportunities for meeting people and working with groups.  Learn about
                                      other countries and cultures.
CLOTHING & TEXTILES This project will introduce you to a whole new world of options with outfits,
                                      clothing and accessories.  The clothing construction phase will teach you the
                                      basics like sewing a shirt or putting a zipper in a pair of pants. The advanced
                                      unites will teach you how to take the design of your choice and customize it
                                      for the perfect look, color and fit.  Buymanship will give you that edge on
                                      planning a budget for an outfit, choosing between different shades of colors
                                      and analyzing clothing advertisements.  Members may participate in the
                                      Fashion Review to model either their clothing construction or Buymanship
COMMUNICATIONS       Youth will learn to interpret verbal and nonverbal information, develop
                                      effective public speaking skills, enhance written and spoken communication,
                                      defend a point, or design a presentation.
DAIRY CATTLE              Got milk or ever wonder about the power of cheese?  Spend a little time with
                                      the animal that creates all of this goodness.  This project is for members
                                      want to learn more about dairy animals and caring for and raising one. 
                                      Members usually start with a heifer or a yearling heifer.  Older members may
                                      start with a producing cow.
DAIRY GOATS                Did you know goat milk is used for human consumption?  In fact more
                                      people in the world drink goat milk than cow milk, although in the U.S. the
                                      opposite is true.  Dairy goats are a great project for members to learn
                                      about agriculture around the world and in your own backyard.  Members
                                      may start with a doe and then raise kids to create their own dairy goat herd.
DOG CARE AND              This project is for youth who are interested in learning more about dogs,
TRAINING                      how to care for a dog and how to train a dog in basic or advanced
                                      commands.  Any kind of dog may be used in this unique project that is not
                                      designed to conform to AKC or other professional standards.  Members
                                      without dogs may wish to participate in quiz bowls, conferences and other
                                      activities that do not require dog ownership.
ENERGY                         Learn important general electrical concepts as you experiment with making
MANAGEMENT               a light switch, testing voltages and even build motors.  Study energy use,
                                     magnetism, electronics and transistors.  Learn how small engines work and
                                     how to keep them working or discover the power of the wind!  Learn about
                                     where the wind blows and how its power can be used for sailing, lifting,
                                     pumping water and creating electricity.
ENTOMOLOGY               Have you chased butterflies or caught a ladybug to get a closer look?  Do
                                     you think collecting bugs is a great way to spend your time?  Then the 4-H
                                     Entomology project is right up your alley.  Youth will learn about the world                                                of insects in soil, on plants, in homes, on pets and other secret places.
EXPLORING 4-H           This project is for first and second year members.  It's a great way to
                                    "explore" 4-H projects with out enrolling in all of them.  Members will be
                                     exposed to numerous project areas with the guidance of older members
                                     and adult helpers.
FAMILY STUDIES          4-H members will learn about their own growth and development as well as
                                     that of others in the Family Studies project.  It will help youth learn about
                                     children of different ages and appropriate activities that help children grow
                                     and develop physically, socially, mentally and emotionally.  Youth will learn
                                     about building family strengths to nurture children.
FIBER ARTS                  Have you ever wondered how your grandmother crocheted that scarf for you
                                     or embroidered the pillowcases?  Have you looked at the quilt on your
                                     mother's bed and wondered how it was made?  The Fiber Arts is defined as
                                     the practical skills passed down from preceding generations that were
                                     developed to provide basic family needs, such as appeal, home furnishings or
FOODS AND                   In this project, you will have fun learning how to cook the basics and then
NUTRITION                   advance to gourmet and international meals.  You will learn the heritage                                          of many foods as well as consumer buying skills to get the most for your
                                     money.  In addition, you will learn how to make healthy snacks and modify
                                     your recipes to fit a healthy lifestyle.
GEOLOGY                      Did you find a rock at the park and don't know what kind it is?  What about
                                     fossils?  If you would like to learn more about rocks, minerals and fossils,
                                     then dive into the Geology project! Discover the types of minerals, rocks
                                     and fossils that can be found where you live.  Learn about geological
                                     formulations across the state and in other states.
HEALTH AND                 Health, exercise and recreation are vital parts of our daily lives.  You can
WELLNESS                    focus on physical activity, healthy eating, exercise, sports and recreation or
                                     first aid in relation to any of the other phases.
HOME                            This project gives you the opportunity to examine space, both inside and
ENVIRONMENT              and out.  Decorating a room, experimenting with colors and different types
                                      and patterns on your walls and creating the feeling of coziness in a family
                                      room are all part of this project.  Being an interior designer is all about
                                      making a hour a home, and the Home Environment project will give you this
HORSE                           If you love horses, then this project is for you!  You will have the
                                      opportunity to learn about, handle, care for and ride horses.  Members
                                      may own or lease a horse, but must have complete access to the horse at
                                      any time and must provide full are and management 75% of the time,
                                      whether owned or leased.  "Horseless Horse" members do not own or lease
                                      a horse, but participate in judging, quiz bowls, hippology, presentations
                                      and may help with horse shows and trail rides.
LEADERSHIP                  Are you ready to step up to leadership?  This project will bring out the best
                                      in you.  You will learn about the skills it takes to be a leader such as:
                                      understanding yourself, communicating, getting along with others, learning,
                                      making decisions, plus managing and working with groups.
PERFORMING ARTS       Do you enjoy being in the spotlight?  Do you like to be creative while
                                      performing on-stage or setting up backstage?  Then you should jump into
                                      this project!  You will learn to express yourself in front of a crowd either
                                      on-state, backstage, as a puppeteer or writing your own script.
PETS                              Whether you're a fish, hamster or a cat lover, this project is intended for
                                      members to learn more about their household friends.  You will focus on the
                                      hand or aquarium pets or cats as you learn about the different species and
                                      how to keep them healthy.  You will have the chance to be creative and
                                      design a toy for your pet, create a commercial or even a scavenger hunt.
PHOTOGRAPHY              Capture your friends and important events through photography.  Learn
                                      about basic and advanced cameras and how to plan, compose, light and
                                      exhibit your photos.  Advance into wide-angle and telephoto lenses, filters,
                                      light meters and computer enhancement.
PLANT SCIENCE            This project focuses on activities related to raising a garden, flowers, forestry
                                      and field crops.  This includes planing, planting, experimenting and under-
                                      standing soils, seeds, insects, plant care, harvesting, weed identification
                                      and control, processing, exploring careers and the relationship between
                                      trees, people and communities.
POULTRY                       This project is designed to help you learn about chickens and other poultry.
                                      You will acquire an understanding of scientific poultry management and
                                      marketing practices.  You will gain business experience and insight into the
                                      values and principles of purchasing, marketing, record keeping and
                                      exhibiting poultry.
RABBITS                       The rabbit project will help you learn how to raise and care for your rabbits.
                                      It is suggested that you start with a doe and extend the project each year.
READING                       Do you enjoy a good book?  Do you like to read and study other project
                                      areas in 4-H?  Check into the phases of the 4-H Reading project.
SELF-DETERMINED        The self-determined project is just that - you decide what you do or study.
                                      Is there something you have a passion for that is not included in the 4-H
                                      project listing?  Then, this is your opportunity to create your own project.
                                      Research a sport, hobby or career - the sky is the limit!
SHEEP                            The sheep project will help you learn more about the sheep industry.  You
                                      will learn how to care for and feed a market lamb or build your own breeding
SHOOTING SPORTS       Whether you have an air rifle, .22 rifle, shotgun, air pistol or bow and arrow,
                                      the shooting sports project teaches you gun safety, hunting skills and the
                                      opportunity to test your skills.  If you have an interest in guns and/or
                                      hunting in any form, this project is the best way to learn about them. Check
                                      with your local extension office for the availability of certified leaders before
SPACE TECH                  This project will help young people how to build rockets and robots and
                                      explore space through astronomy.  There are also opportunities to learn
                                      more about GPS and GIS.  Experience the thrill of setting off rockets,
                                      building robots and geo-caching.  Learn about computers and how you
                                      can apply them in 4-H.
SWINE                           Feed out a market hog or start your own breeding herd by enrolling in the
                                      swing project.  Learn to select and judge quality animals and meat products.
VISIUAL ARTS               This project combines the likes of drawing, painting and working with clay or
                                      leather.  You will explore art techniques, study art history and culture and
                                      discover artistic challenges.  Develop your artistic skills and talents while
                                      learning the elements and principles of design.
WILDLIFE                      Kansas wildlife is a large part of our state ranging from buffalo to birds to
                                      fish to deer and more.  In this project you will learn about wildlife behavior,
                                      habitat requirements, how wildlife species fit into nature's scheme, how they
                                      are managed, and how they relate to humans.
WOODWORKING            This project requires that you enjoy working with wood, using tools and
                                       building things.  Can you see yourself building a table, a wood toy or a
                                       chair?  As a beginning woodworker, you can build many items.  As your
                                       skills grow, you will be able to make most of the objects in your house or
                                       even help build a home!