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4-H Youth Development

County Fair Resources

February 8-  Judges, Superintendents, Rules/Fairbook, Ribbons OH MY! Powerpoint Slides (pdf)

February 22-  What is the Public's First Impression of Your Fair? Topics include marketing messages, exhibits to highlight a VIBRANT 4-H program and serving the public in 4-H Concession Stands.

March 1-   Making the Ask! Inviting fairgoers to become a part of 4-H as a member or volunteer.

March 8-   Challenges or Opportunities?  Extension Board or Fair Board, who does what? Complaints or Conflicts, steps to develop a grievance plan.

Policies & Rules

K-State Research and Extension Role at Fairs & Shows (pdf)

4-H Project Exhibit Judging

The 4-H Member & The Consultative Judging Process (pdf)

Scorecards for Project Judging - page link


Superintendents & the Consultative Judging Process (pdf)

Superintendent General Project Check List (word)

Superintendent Animal Project Check List (word)

Supt "Ask" Letter Sample (word)

Supt "Confirm" Letter Sample (word)


Creating a Positive Experience for 4H Youth at the County Fair (pdf)

Judges & The Consultative Judging Process (pdf)

Judge "Ask" Letter Sample (word)

Judge Response Postcard (word)

Judge "Confirm" Letter Sample (word)


Ribbon Explanation Signs (11x17 pdf)

Parental Signs (11x17 pdf)

4-H Pledge Signs (11x17 pdf)

Livestock Stall Cards (word)

Horse Stall Cards (word)

Rabbit/Poultry Cage Cards (word)