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Flyers are well suited for handing out at events, placing in storefront windows or putting up on bulletin boards, and can be printed at home or professionally in color or black and white.



Social media channels are the perfect place for celebrating your 4‑H pride during National 4‑H Week. Download these easy-to-use graphics specifically formatted for Facebook. Want more guidance on how to raise awareness of National 4‑H Week on social media? Download our Social Media Guidelines with suggested posts.  When making your own post, use #TrueLeaders & #KS4H!

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Press Release and Proclamation Template

This press release template for this year’s National 4‑H Week can be personalized it for your own county. Simply fill in the details that are relevant to your community, and send it out to your local media for placement. Are you interested in making National 4‑H Week officially recognized by your local government official? The Proclamation Guide and Template will walk you through this process.

Press Release Template (word)

KSRE News Release

Proclamation Guide & Template (Word)


Grow True Leaders public service announcements can be leveraged in traditional media outlets like television and radio during National 4‑H Week. They also serve as great promotional tools for placement on local websites, event presentations and more. 

PSA Script (available in 10, 15, 30, 60 seconds)