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4-H Youth Development

Master Volunteers

The 2015 Master Volunteer Training that was scheduled for February 20-21, 2015 has been postponed for 2015. Information about 2016 training will be announced at a later date.  If you have expressed interest in the training for 2015, Sarah Maass will be in contact with you.

Volunteers are fundamental to the 4-H program as they serve as advisors, guides, coaches, helpers and mentors. They come in all shapes and forms with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Some volunteers are long-term and other are short-term, yet all are unique.

Master 4-H Volunteers are special volunteers who want to grow and give back more in their role as 4-H Volunteers.  The Master 4-H Volunteer program provides this opportunity for volunteers who want the opportunity to contribute in a broader way. The Master 4-H Volunteer program strengthens and enhances the 4-H volunteer and the local program. 

In order to become a Master 4-H Volunteer, the individual must be a registered and appointed screened volunteer, attend specialized Master 4-H Volunteer training and "give back" 40 volunteer hours to the 4-H program within one year of the training. The individual must also be a past or present Organizational Leader, Project Leader or County Leader/Advisor.

Contact your local Extension Office for more details regarding the upcoming training sessions, registration forms and ways in which you could serve as a Master 4-H Volunteer.