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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

Monday, May 15, 2017

The 4-H Tip Sheet provides timely advice for 4-H members.

4-H Clover 18 USC 707


Upcoming Deadlines
4-H deadlines for staff, families and volunteers.

Upcoming Events

State Livestock Nomination Deadline Approaching
The deadline for state livestock nominations is June 15th. Commercial heifers, market pigs, commercial gilts, market lambs, commercial ewes, and ALL meat goats must be nominated to be eligible for the Kansas State Fair and/or Kansas Junior Livestock Show.
2017 State Horticulture The State 4-H Horticulture Judging Contest will be held Saturday, August 19
The State 4-H Horticulture Judging Contest will be held Saturday, August 19, 2017 on the campus of Kansas State University. There are new study materials for the knowledge exam listed on the website.
Kansas 4-H Livestock Sweepstakes August 19-20
The 2017 Kansas 4-H Livestock Sweepstakes will be held August 19-20 at Weber Arena in Manhattan. This event includes the state 4-H livestock judging contest, meat judging contest, livestock skillathon, and livestock quiz bowl. Entries are due August 1st.
2017 Kansas 4-H State Wheat Expo in Dodge City
The Kansas 4-H State Wheat Expo is a wheat fun day showcasing all things wheat. Join us for the annual event on Thursday, August 3rd from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at the Ford County Fair Building, 901 West Park, Dodge City, KS 67801.
State Horse Judging Contest
State Horse Judging Contest to be held June 22nd in Salina.
Kansas All Breeds Junior Dairy Show
The Kansas All Breeds Junior Dairy Show - Salina, is scheduled for August 17-19. Registrations will be be due in August 1 for the Judging, Quiz Bowl and Skill-a-thon contests.
48 Hours of 4-H in 2017
Make sure 48 Hours of 4-H is on your calendar! October 7-8, 2017.

Volunteer Development

Building Volunteer Systems
Leading volunteers begins with having a fundamental system. One quick acronym to remember as you supervise volunteers within the 4-H program is ISOTURE.
Re-Screening of the formerly known as VIP Volunteer
The new calendar year is quickly approaching … and many are starting to think about the rescreening of the formerly VIP registered volunteers getting screened into the newer Volunteer Screening process.

Awards and Recognition

Camp Counselors Awards - Due July 15
Farm Bureau is again sponsoring the Camp Counselor Recognition! Camp Counselors must be entered into 4HOnline using these instructions no later than July 15.

Project Information

2018 Kansas 4-H and FFA Wheat Variety Plot Enrollment Open
It is time to remind members to re-enroll or ask new members to enroll for the 2018 Kansas 4-H and FFA Wheat Variety Plot program.
Kansas 4-H Dog Shows Closed Tunnel Update
The closed tunnel is an allowable piece of agility equipment for 2017 Kansas 4-H dog shows.
Kansas 4-H Dog Conference Logo Design Contest
The Kansas 4-H Dog Conference logo design contest is open to all dog project members.

Kansas State Fair

County Fire Bans and Rocket Launches
The 2017 Kansas State Fair rules state “if a fire burn ban is in effect for any county in Kansas, exhibitors in any Kansas county are not required to launch their rocket(s).


Keith Neuway and Jim Adams Kansas 4-H Dog Care & Training Scholarship
High school seniors heading off to college next fall or current college freshman who have been in the Kansas 4-H Dog Project for three or more years should apply for the Keith Neuway and Jim Adams Kansas 4-H Dog Care and Training Project Scholarship.


Help us #ShareattheFair! Encourage your 4-H members, parents, volunteers, alumni, etc., to use the #ShareattheFair this summer!

Other News

Golden Prairie District Opens Gove County Office in Grainfield
Golden Prairie District moved the Gove County office to a newly renovated office in Grainfield on March 23rd.

Global Citizenship Opportunities

Start Planning for Summer 2018 4-H Japan Inbound Exchange
Help make the world seem a little smaller by inviting 5 to 6 Japanese students to stay with 4-H families in your Extension Unit for one month during the summer of 2018.
Incoming Summer Exchangees begin arriving June 19 and 26
Summer arrival dates for States' 4-H International Exchange and IFYE Programs.
Short-Term Exchange Hosts Still Needed
Five families are still needed to fill openings on the hosting schedules of the remaining three incoming participants for 2-3 week stays on the Kansas 4-H International Exchanges beginning June 19.
Successful Academic Year Exchange Comes to End
Thanks to amazing students, wonderful host families and amazing local coordinators, we are ending a very successful Academic Year Exchange Program.