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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The 4-H Tip Sheet provides timely advice for 4-H members.

4-H Clover 18 USC 707


Upcoming Deadlines
4-H deadlines for staff, families and volunteers.

From the 4-H Program Leader

Wade Weber Chosen to Lead 4-H Youth Development
We look forward to the arrival of our new Department Head for 4-H Youth Development and State 4-H Program Leader, Wade Weber. Wade begins his new position April 3.

Upcoming Events

Discovery Days Registration
Discovery Days registration is now open! Youth who are 13-18 as of January 1 are encouraged to register!
2017 4-H Campference
Campference Art
4-H Campference Registration will be be open by March 20. Be watching your email for a notice when it is open. Details are up on the website now.
48 Hours of 4-H Service Challenge Promotion Items
You can order small items to promote the 48 Hours of 4-H Service Challenge in your local unit. Items have to be ordered by May 1 and will be picked up at Discovery Days. Be watching your email for a link to the order form.

Volunteer Development

Investing in Volunteers
Investing in volunteers for extending the program
4-H Judges Workshop April 25, 2017
4-H Judges Workshop Tuesday, April 25, 2017, 3:30 - 8:00 pm in Hutchinson, KS. Sessions on Foods, Photography, Posters & Displays, Crops & Flowers, Arts & Crafts, Talks & Demonstrations,and Horticulture & Herbs.
Re-Screening of the formerly known as VIP Volunteer
The new calendar year is quickly approaching … and many are starting to think about the rescreening of the formerly VIP registered volunteers getting screened into the newer Volunteer Screening process.

4-H Online

Mid-Year Cleanup
Make your local end of year process quicker by doing a few mid-year clean up tasks.
Duplicate Members
Please don't accept duplicate member enrollments. Instead, ask the member to log in again and correctly re-enroll using their existing (old) profile.

Awards and Recognition

2017 Centennial Delegates - National 4-H Congress
Information about submitting names for 2017 Centennial Delegates
Standard of Excellence Delegates - National 4-H Congress
Information about submitting names for Standard of Excellence Delegates

Project Information

4-H Horse Identifications due - May 1
Horse ID due May 1 with FAQ
4-H Horse Snaffle-bit Project
4-H Snaffle-bit information and due date
2017 Kansas 4-H Dog Care and Training Project Changes
Periodically the Kansas 4-H Dog Care and Training Project shares changes as they affect 4-H dog shows including the Kansas State Fair 4-H Dog Show.
2017 Kansas State Fair 4-H SpaceTech Changes
There has been a major reorganization of information in the Kansas 4-H SpaceTech department.

Curriculum and Publications

New 4-H Family Guide
A helpful publication for new 4-H families to explain various events and opportunities through out the 4-H year.


4-H Grows True Leaders Work Group
A 4-H Grows Here work group was established in 2016 and is currently seeking additional members.
4-H Branding on Apparel and Merchandise
New guidelines regarding use of wordmarks and logos on 4-H apparel and merchandise.

Program Information

2017 Kansas 4-H Ambassador Training Wrap-Up
The 2018 Kansas 4-H Ambassador Training dates have been set for February 23-24, 2018, at Rock Springs 4-H Center.
Grants Available for Foster Children
Kansas 4-H Youth Development, the Kansas 4-H Foundation and Saint Francis Community Services are working together to provide funding opportunities for children and families involved with foster care.

Job Opportunities

2017 Discovery Days Floor Counselors Needed
Do you have a recently graduated 4-H'er looking to give back to the Kansas 4-H program and make a few extra dollars? Being a Discovery Days Floor Counselor may be the perfect opportunity for them!

Other News

Evelyn Neier Retiring
Evelyn Neier
Join us in wishing Evelyn Neier a Wonderful Retirement! She will retire on March 31 after 15 years in our department. We appreciate her many contributions to Kansas 4-H and K-State Research and Extension.


4-H Sewing Camp Registration NOW Available
Inviting all sewing enthusiasts age 13-18 to attend sewing camp, at K-State, May 30-June 2! Registration begins March 1 and ends April 15.


2017 KAE4-HA Spring Development Conference Registration Open to KSRE Staff
The 2017 4-H Spring Development Conference - “4-H Rocks” is being sponsored by the Kansas Association of Extension 4-H Agents, April 19-20, 2017.

Global Citizenship Opportunities

Host Family Placement for Academic Year Students
Kansas 4-H International Exchange Programs has identified one 4-H family to host a Japanese student for the 2017-18. We have committed to host at least one more student from Japan, Korea, Eastern Europe and Eurasia.
Families Needed for Exchangees for Short Exchanges on IFYE Programs
Beginning June 19 Kansas families are assigned to host inbounds for three-week periods until State Fair in September.
Eleven Kansas 4-H Families Applied to Host Norwegians and Costa Ricans
At the time of this writing, we are waiting for confirmation of placements of Norwegian and Costa Rican 4-H’ers. We expect to hear soon that youth and a chaperone will be assigned to these families.