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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

Monday, October 15, 2018

The 4-H Tip Sheet provides timely advice for 4-H members.


Upcoming Deadlines
State 4-H deadlines for KSRE staff.

From the 4-H Program Leader

If your 4-H youth has a disability, what do you do?
A summary of process and tool now available as a "road map" for local agents to use when trying to provide accessible services to youth with disabilities.

Upcoming Events

2019 4-H Horse Panorama
The 2019 4-H Horse Panorama has been scheduled for January 25-27 at Rock Springs 4-H Center.
2019 Kansas 4-H Dog Judges’ Certification and Training Coming
The Kansas 4-H Dog Judges’ Certification and Training will be January 26-27, 2019, in South Hutchinson, Kansas, at the Hutchinson Kennel Club.
2019 Kansas 4-H Ambassador Training
The 2019 Kansas 4-H Ambassador Training will be February 22-23 at the Rock Springs 4-H Center near Junction City.
Junior Swine Producer Day Scheduled
The 2019 Kansas Junior Swine Producer Day has been scheduled for Saturday, March 9 in Manhattan. This family-friendly, educational event is dedicated to youth, parents, project leaders, and agents with an interest in the swine project. All are invited!

Volunteer Development

North Central 4-H Volunteer Impact Study Update
We are excited to share that our state will be participating in 4-H Volunteer Impact Study of volunteers in the North Central Region.
Building Volunteer Support Strategies
What are you doing to intentionally engage and build volunteer support for your program?
Achieving the Extension Mission Through Volunteers Cohort Training
National Professional Development Opportunity: January 28 – March 17, 2019Volunteers are fundamental to many successful Extension programs. Research indicates that nearly 1/3 of volunteers will choose not to continue based on poor management.
4-H Project Leader Training
Join volunteers from across NE Kansas on November 14th to learn more about being a 4-H project leader!

4-H Online

Duplicate Warnings During Enrollment Acceptance
If 4HOnline believes a person has more than one record, an enrollment will be flagged as a potential duplicate. Please investigate these occurrences to determine whether you should accept an enrollment or contact the family.

Awards and Recognition

4-H Volunteer of the Year
Now is the chance to honor those volunteers for their dedication and commitment to youth by nominating them for the Kansas 4-H Horse Volunteer!

Project Information

Kansas 4-H Dog Show Immunization Record News for 2018-19
The Kansas 4-H Dog Show Immunization Record, MG34 rev., October 2017, is the current immunization form that Kansas 4-H Dog Care and Training is using. It is necessary to complete a new immunization form for the 2018-19 4-H year that began October 1st.
Kansas 4-H SpaceTech Changes for 2018-19
Kansas 4-H SpaceTech currently has five project areas: rockets, robotics, astronomy, computers and unmanned aerial systems.
Standards for 4-H and FFA
Eligible youth may participate in both 4-H and FFA but should avoid duplication.
4-H Horse Project
The new 4-H year has begun … let’s start off on the right “hoof” with the 4-H Horse project.


The 2019 Youth in Action Awards Are Open for Submissions
National 4-H Council’s Youth in Action Awards recognize outstanding 4-H’ers, aged 16-19-years-old who epitomize 4-H youth empowerment and leadership in four 4-H Pillar Areas: agriculture, civic engagement, healthy living and STEM.
2019 Kansas 4-H Dog Scholarship Details (Repost)
The 2019 Keith Neuway and Jim Adams Kansas 4-H Dog Care and Training Project Scholarship is for dog members who have been in the Kansas 4-H Dog Project for three or more years. You need not be a current member, if you fit the other criteria.

Professional Development

National Extension Conference on Volunteerism 2019 Request for Proposals
National Extension Conference on Volunteerism 2019 conference is now accepting proposals for workshops, research presentations and poster showcases.

Funding Opportunities

Applications for the 2019 Summer Learning Awards will open October 15, 2018
Applications for the 2019 Summer Learning Awards open October 15, 2018. More information and profiles of past winners are available on the Summer Learning Awards event page of NSLA's website. https://www.summerlearning.org/summer-learning-awards/
4-H Shooting Sports Grant Opportunity
The National Rifle Association Foundation announced its annual opportunity for financial support through its Grant Program.
Tractor Supply Paper Clover Campaign
Each spring and fall, Tractor Supply helps raise money for 4 H programs through the sale of Paper Clovers in their stores.

Program Information

New YQCA Curriculum Available
The national, multi-species youth livestock quality assurance program, Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA), launched its second year of the program on October 1. New modules are available for youth to complete during the 2018-2019 program year.
4-H Shooting Sports Coordinator and Instructor Renewals
The annual 4-H Shooting Sports Year-end Report and Renewal Forms and instructions are available on the 4-H web site.
4-H Cloverbuds Planning
Please double check that 4-H Policies are being followed when planning events and activities.
Kansas 4-H Livestock Sweepstakes Date Set
The 2019 Kansas 4-H Livestock Sweepstakes will be held August 24-25 in Manhattan. Mark your calendars!


**New 4-H Publication!** - Setting 4-H Project Goals
project goals thumbnail
Writing 4-H project goals should take place towards the beginning of the 4-H year, and NOT right before KAP/record books are due. This NEW 4-H publication will guide the 4-H member as they write and set 4-H project goals for the year ahead.

Job Opportunities

Program/Project Coordinator Position
The Kansas 4-H Development State Office is seeking a Program/Project Coordinator.

Other News

#TrueLeaders T-Shirts
The #TrueLeader t-shirts that you saw at the Kansas State Fair are available for order. Help us spread the message about Kansas 4-H and #TrueLeaders
48 Hours of 4-H Wrap Up
Thanks for encouraging the awesome service for 48 Hours of 4-H! We need every group that took part in 48 Hours of 4-H to report what they did!
Oskaloosa Office Move
Just wanted to share that one of our offices will be moving at the end of the month to a new location for those that maybe trying to contact the local office.
Read full announcement | From David Key | October 15, 2018