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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

February 15, 2016

Kansas 4-H Horse Show Rule Book Revisions

By Pam Van Horn

The 4-H Horse Show Rule Book has gone to the publications and will be available soon in print and online. The 4-H Horse Action Team has worked hard to get the Rule Book completed and workable for the 4-H members and their families. A big thank you goes out to the dedicated few who have spent endless hours reading horse rules in hopes that 4-H participants and agents can understand more clearly the complexity of the rules.
Changes with 2016 revision:

  • Achievement Level: only Level I required to participate in District and State 4-H Horse Shows
  • Clarifications on Ownership and Leasing include two-and three-year old projects
  • Additions to General Show rules – information bolded in the rule book
  • Award System – Addition of Kansas State Fair how ribbons are placed and no premium awarded
  • Entering District and State Horse Show – bolded - Members must show in their designated district 4-H horse show
  • District Horse Show entries are made through local office
  • Pleasure pairs expanded 4-H’er opportunity to work with others in their designated district
  • Addition of Working Ranch Horse rules and patterns
  • Reining deleted patterns
  • Clarified 2-and 3-year old projects

Be sure to look for 4-H Horse Show Rule Book; S-133 Rev. January 2016.