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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

August 14, 2017

Inbound International 4-H Youth Exchange Members Wind Up Exchanges

By Mary Kay Munson

Kaitlyn Martin, IFYE from Northern Ireland departed Kansas July 30 after three home stays.   Athina Beka, Greece, arrived July 10 and will depart August 19.   The other five Kansas inbounds on Kansas 4-H Youth Exchanges and IFYE programs through the IFYE Association of the U.S will be in the state until early September.   The schedule for their final host families is as follows:

Po Hsun Huang, Taiwan, hosted by Doug and Becky Reid, Cowley County, August 18-September 5Gudron Koenig, Austria, hosted by Brad and Wendy Keith, Graham County, August 19/20-September 8
Annemari Aaman, Estonia, hosted by Jeff and Karen Thompson, Jefferson County, August 17- September 8
Mari-Ellen Aaman, Estonia, hosted by Joe and Amy Schmitz, Marshall County, August 19/20-September 8
Marisa Buck, Germany, hosted by Aaron and Amy Schaffer, Brown County, August 26/27-September 4

The three inbounds remaining with host families until September 8 will be coming to the Kansas State Fair for the first weekend.  Host families, agents and others who would like to meet them and/or say goodbye are invited to the Farmers Service Association Conference Room in the KSF Encampment Building September 9 at 1 p.m. for a reception in their honor.