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Strengthening Clubs - 1

Today, 4-H comes in many forms and sizes, but the 4-H club model still remains the flagship program. The purpose of the Strengthening 4-H Clubs curriculum is to strengthen your capacity to work with adult and youth volunteers to develop and support strong, effective 4-H clubs.

These materials were developed by Rod Buchele, Beth Hinshaw, and Diane Mack. These files are posted as pdfs except for the PowerPoint files which are posted as originals. You may edit for your use. For questions or concerns with these files, contact Diane Mack at 785-532-2278 or e-mail her at dmack@ksu.edu.

PowerPoint Files

Planning Monthly Meetings

  • Club Leader Position Description (PDF) (Word)
  • Parents' Committee Position Description (PDF) (Word)
  • New Family Coordinator Position Description (PDF) (Word)
  • Club Meeting Guide (PDF) (Word)
  • Club Meeting Agenda (PDF) (Word)
  • Club Leader's Tool Box (PDF) (Word)
  • Welcoming New Members (PDF) (Word)
  • Welcoming New Members Example: Greet Sheet (PDF) (Word)

Check List

  • Club Meeting Check List (PDF) (Word)

Creative Ideas

  • Club Meetings Youth Choose to Attend (PDF) (Word)
  • Creative Roll Call Ideas (PDF) (Word)
  • Creative Ideas to Add Zest to Club Meetings (PDF) (Word)

Involving Parents

  • Parents Role in the 4-H Program (PDF) (Word)
  • Parent Interest Survey (PDF) (Word)
  • Parent (Home Helper) Position Description (PDF) (Word)
  • General Position Description Worksheet (PDF) (Word)

Additional Resources

  • Volunteer Research, Knowledge, Competency Overview (PDF)
  • Volunteer Research, Knowledge, Competency Lesson Plan (PDF)
  • Club Leader Profile (PPTX)
  • Meeting the Needs of Youth Worksheet (to be used with ppt) (PDF) (Word)
  • Building Strong Clubs Worksheet (to be used with ppt) (PDF) (Word)
  • Parliamentary Procedures for Clubs (PDF) (Word)
  • Starting and Maintaining Clubs (PDF)
  • Par Law Trail Mix Activity (PDF)

Chapter Two Resources

  • Seven Keys to Consider:
    Exceeding Family Expectations in 4-H Clubs (PDF)
  • Club Meeting Assessment (PDF)
  • Top Ten Management Practices for 4-H Clubs (PDF)
  • Keeping Youth in 4-H: Why Do Some Leave? (PDF)
  • Essential Elements of 4-H (PDF)
  • Using Essential Elements Feedback Form (PDF)
  • Building Strong Clubs (PDF)
  • The 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development and the 5 "C's" (PDF)
  • Engaging Club Members (PDF)
  • President May I (PDF)
  • Effective Delegation (PDF)
  • Club Leaders Succession Plan (PDF)
  • Club Elections and Committees (Word)
  • Kansas 4-H Charter Application (PDF)
  • Sample 4-H Club Constitution and Bylaws (PDF)
  • Youth and Adults as Full Partners (PDF)
  • Thinking About a Fundraiser (PDF)
  • Clubleader Checklist MED (Word)
  • Leader Front (PUB)
  • Roll Call Suggestions (PDF)
  • Principles of non-Appropriated Funds (PDF)