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4-H Youth Development

4-H Discovery Days - 2020 A Vision for the Future

Discovery Days Virtual Resources!

The Kansas 4-H Discovery Days 2020 recordings are available as a resource for Kansas 4-H families.  Sessions were offered live on the mornings of May 27th, 28th, and 29th. 

Recorded Sessions

Opening Speaker


Keynote Speaker


All About Kansas 4-H Youth Leadership Council

Area of Emphasis: Leadership, Civic Engagement

We hope for youth to gain new knowledge on how Youth Council works, how to apply and interview, the duties and responsibilities of being on council, plus more.

Class Instructor: Lexi Straub, Courtney Baetz, Chanae Parker


Ag Marketing and Risk Management

Area of Emphasis: Agriculture

Students will be able to understand and assist in management decision-making on their parent's farming operation. Managing a farm is more than just driving a tractor. How you market and ensure your grain can make the difference in a profitable year or farming for a loss. This class will introduce students to combining crop insurance products with crop marketing tools and strategies, therefore managing risk on the farming operation. A simulation activity will give students practice in applying what they learned.

Class Instructor: Robin Reid



Improv for Interviews

Area of Emphasis: Leadership, Civic Engagement

Whether you are interviewing for a job or a State 4-H opportunity, thinking on your feet and sharing meaningful experiences and stories is important to your success. Have some fun learning improv techniques to increase creativity and build confidence in your next interview or presentation.

Class Instructor: Anissa Jepsen & Shane Potter


Meat Judging 101

Area of Emphasis: Agriculture

We will give a basic introduction into meat judging and meat evaluation of beef, pork and lamb. Additionally, we will discuss quality and yield grading as well as basic placing of classes.

Class Instructor: Keayla Harr


48 Hours of 4-H 2020

Area of Emphasis: Leadership, Civic Engagement

Planning your 48 Hours of 4-H Project: This is your opportunity to learn more about the Kansas 4-H Service Challenge - 48 Hours of 4-H. The goal of this project is to challenge 4-H members in every extension unit to plan a project sometime during an October weekend and to make an impact across Kansas. Each 4-H club or extension unit can choose how best to show service in their community. The Kansas 4-H Youth Leadership Council is looking forward to working with you to plan your project. Participants will learn how to plan and execute a great local project for this fall and how to be a part of this collective impact in Kansas 4-H.

Class Instructor: Beth Hinshaw


Water Connects Us All

Area of Emphasis: Engineering, STEM

In this session, youth will learn about watersheds and wetlands. The youth will have hands-on building a model wetland and then various filtration systems to use in both rural and urban settings. The youth will model rain gardens, bioswales, bioreactors, and saturated buffers. 

Class Instructor: Cheri Nelsen


Be a Hero. Become a Teacher!

Area of Emphasis: Education

We plan to give students an in-depth look at being a K-12 teacher, including the pathway to becoming one. We will provide hands-on activities that showcase the trials, tribulations, and celebrations of being a teacher. 

Class Instructor: Roger Schieferecke, Marcus Kidd


Careers and Clinical Cases in Veterinary Medicine

Area of Emphasis: Career and College Readiness

The Careers and Clinical Cases in Veterinary Medicine session will introduce participants to a wide array of professional opportunities available in the field of veterinary medicine through interactive presentations and interpersonal communication. Participants will engage in a small-group activity focusing on the comprehensive diagnostic process of real-world clinical cases and will deliver a brief presentation on their findings to the entire group with redirection and elaboration from the coordinators.

Class Instructor: Dave Hoffman


Creative Floral Design

Area of Emphasis: Agriculture

Explore your creative talents through floral and plant design! Discuss why flowers and plants are important in our lives. Learn about careers in the floral and plant industry and tools used in flower arranging. You will also be introduced to the interior plant-scaping industry by checking out a “green wall” – an entire indoor wall covered with plants. Participants will create a traditional floral arrangement as well as a contemporary floral arrangement and learn how to care for floral arrangements after you have received them. One floral arrangement will be yours to keep and one arrangement will be created to be given away.

Class Instructor: Patsy Maddy


Additional Sessions

Service Learning Projects


Sharing Your 4-H Story on Social Media


Admissions 101


Creating a College Financial Plan


K-State Pig Farm Tour


Science of Ag Challenge


Kansas 4-H Exchange Programs 

Kansas 4-H Exchange Programs are truly "learn by doing" experiences in global citizenship. Kansas 4-H Exchange Programs are conducted by Kansas 4-H Youth Development and K-State Research and Extension.  

Kansas 4-H International Exchange Programs today collaborate with the IFYE Association of the USA, Inc. for exchanges with 4-H alumni from 19-25 years old. In addition, Kansas 4-H collaborates with States' 4-H International Exchange Programs for 4-H members 12-18 years old with partner organizations. Current partner organizations include Labo and LEX in Japan; Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) through the U.S. State Department including South Korea, Japan and YES countries on three continents are also collaborators. Besides the short term 3-4 week programs there are also Academic Year Programs (AYP) available.

To become an exchange student or a host family, contact the Kansas Coordinator Mary Kay Munson, mkm2@ksu.edu, or 785-375-3189. Or check with your local Extension Office to get more information.



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