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Japanese Inbound

Kansas 4-H has been participating with the Kansas 4-H-Japanese Exchange since 1977.  The Kansas 4-H Japanese Exchange is a vibrant two-way exchange program.  Kansas 4-H again will be hosting around 30 Japanese youth and adult chaperones in Kansas from July 21 - August 18, 2020.  We will need host families for the four-week period. If your family would like to get involved or you would like to know more details about hosting a Japanese youth in your home, please contact Rose Scott, Summer Japanese Inbound Coordinator, or Deryl Waldren, Kansas 4-H Coordinator.

We will begin recruiting host families in late February when the applications from the Japanese delegates arrive.  We will be marketing to all Kansas 4-H families through e-mail messages, plus personal contact. 

Below are the links for the host family application.  Please contact Rose Scott before completing the application process.  In addition, it is possible to fill out the host family application on-line electronically. 

Expand Your Family's Horizon By Hosting A Japanese Youth Summer 2020

Looking for some new fun and excitement this summer?  Host a new friend from Japan in your home this summer, July 23 – August 17.  Kansas 4-H International Exchange Programs are offering hosting opportunities to 30 families this summer.  We need host families who would be willing to host a Japanese boy or girl; most are aged 12 and 13, with a couple delegates aged 14 and 15.  We need to make host family assignments matching each delegate with an American same-gender host sibling as soon as possible so that families and exchange delegates can communicate and get to know each other.  Any Kansas family with children aged 11-14, who is interested in the Japanese culture, may host.  A separate bed is required, but not necessarily a separate room from the host sibling.  Delegates are 100 percent medically covered with 4-H insurance and bring their own spending money.  They can go on host family vacations, camping trips, or join their host sibling for summer camps.  The focus is everyday family life.

Contact: To host a particular youth form the attached list or if you have further questions, please call Rose Scott, Kansas 4-H Japanese Coordinator, 785-388-2009 or 785-565-3197, or e-mail - sixtykid2@gmail.com.

Increase your family's cross-cultural and global understanding, broaden family communication skills, make a new friend from another country, and have fun while leaning about Japan in your own home.

What you do:
The host family treats the delegate as a family member (rather than a tourist/guest), and keep a "regular" family schedule. That could mean, chores, fairs, camping, ballgames, etc.... very busy – or not so busy.... It just depends on what your family likes to do! Most delegates will have studied English for one year in school. They are usually shy and don't want to make mistakes – so the first few days getting them to talk may be a challenge! The host family needs to be pro-active on ways to communicate without words, or using a Japanese/English translation dictionary, etc. We try to get all to attend a "mid-point" gathering – usually a picnic or swim party, so they can meet with other Japanese kids and their chaperons. Also, the host family can visit with the Japanese chaperons if they are having challenges and need assistance. Chaperons are always available by phone, when needed.

Swimmers Underwater in PoolKansas Girl and Japanese Girl Among Sunflowers

Japanese boy petting goat

IFYE from Taiwan