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Kansas 4-H International Exchange Program Opportunities


World Citizenship>Genna Gehrt stands in front of a German Rathaus (city hall).   World Citizenship>Steuart Hensleigh with host family in Costa Rica.

Winter 2021 Pen Pal Program Details:
States' 4-H International Exchange Programs is sponsoring its second Pen Pal Program.  Registration closed December 11, 2020. Space was limited on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Program Details:
1. The Pen Pal program will run from Feb. 15 - April 18, 2021.
2. Participants must be between the ages of 9-18 and from an active States' 4-H state.  Kansas 4-H members may participate.
3. There is no cost for participation.
4. Participants sign up by completing an online registration form, which includes a Terms of Use agreement.
5. States' 4-H will match participants with an international peer from one of the participating countries. States' 4-H will make its best effort to match based on country preference, age, gender, and interests.  Matching information will be distributed to participants between December 18 - Feb. 15, 2021.
6. Participants are asked to communicate at least two times per month with their international pen pal.
7. A positive and enthusiastic attitude are crucial for this program as it will be up to the US participant to initiate contact with their pen pal.
  • Pen Pal Program Outline and Details (PDF)
  • Winter Pen Pal Program Flyer with Registration Link (PDF)
Other Important Files:
  • 2022 Exchange Program Brochure - All Programs (PDF) (coming in late summer 2021)
  • 2022 Exchange Program Opportunities Flyer - All Programs (PDF) (coming in late summer 2021)
  • The 2020 States' 4-H Windows Newsletter is available by clicking here.
  • The 2019-20 States' 4-H International Impact Report is available by clicking here.
  • 2019 States' 4-H Windows Newsletter (PDF)
  • 2018 States' 4-H Windows Newsletter (PDF)

For questions, contact Mary Kay Munson, 1114 N. Spring Valley Road, Junction City, KS 66441; 785-238-3631; munson@ksbroadband.net.  

States' 4-H International Exchange Programs Only

2021 Outbound Application Forms for 13 to 18 Year-Olds Only.  All 2021 applicants must fill out the new on-line application.

2021 States' 4-H Outbound Programs from 4-8 Weeks Long for 4-H Members.  See below flyer for specific ages.  Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, Japan is the only country available for travel in summer 2021. 

  • General Outbound Information Flyer (PDF) (Only Japan is available in summer 2021).
  • General Outbound Information Quick Summary (PDF)
  • Argentina Outbound Information Flyer - Cancelled (PDF)
  • Costa Rica Outbound Information Flyer - Cancelled (PDF)
  • Japan Outbound Information Flyer - 4-week program and 8-week program (PDF)
  • Norway Outbound Information Flyer - Cancelled (PDF)
  • Romania Outbound Information Flyer - Cancelled (PDF)
  • South Korea Outbound Information Flyer - Cancelled (PDF)
  • Taiwan Outbound Information Flyer - Cancelled (PDF)

2021 States' 4-H Chaperone Information and Forms

For those interested in being a chaperone to Japan in summer 2021, please contact, Mary Kay Munson for full details and information on how to get the current application package.

States' 4-H 2021 Summer - Host a Youth From Japan

There will be limited family opportunities to host youth in 2021 due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.  Only Japan is available for Kansas host families currently.

2021 IFYE Representative Outbound Application Forms Only

For 19-25 Year Olds Only - IFYE's live with families abroad from three to six months in an adventure of a lifetime (Complete all required forms and return electronically by the deadline of November 2, 2020, to Mary Kay Munson, 1114 N. Spring Valley Road, Junction City, KS 66441; 785-238-3631; munson@ksbroadband.net).

For More Information

Mary Kay Munson
-States' 4-H Academic Year Program
-States' 4-H Exchange Programs
Kansas IFYE Outbound Coordinator

Pam VanHorn
-Kansas 4-H Japan Inbound Exchange Coordinator

Chelsy Champlin
Kansas IFYE Inbound Coordinator

Aliah Mestrovich Seay
Extension 4-H Specialist & Faculty Liaison for Global Citizenship & Exchange Programs