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4-H Youth Development

STEM Trainings and Experiences

The Kansas 4-H STEM Program focuses on 4-H science, technology, engineering, and math issues.  The experience is headed up by the Kansas 4-H STEM Action Team that is a group of Kansas 4-H youths, aged 14-18, adult volunteer 4-H leaders, 4-H parents, and Extension staff. 

The experience concentrates in the core issues of astronomy, aviation, robotics, rocketry, technology, unmanned aerial systems (UASs, also known as drones) and computers.  The STEM experience is accomplished through multi-county/area trainings, as well as collaborating with the Kansas 4-H Foundation and Rock Springs 4-H Center to provide hands-on programs and technology experiences/camps for 4-H members and families.

Future Kansas 4-H SpaceTech Training and Experience Dates

The Kansas 4-H STEM Action Team will be looking at possible 2021 training dates. As that information becomes available, it will be posted to this site. If you have a need or request for a STEM training for your county/district or several counties in your area, please contact Shane Potter at potters@ksu.edu.