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2021 Kansas 4-H Dog Judges' Recertification Process

Due to COVID-19 the 4-H Dog Judge recertification is now online. Emails were sent to judges needing to recertify. An email was also sent to those current judges encouraging them to recertify so they become familiar with the new rule book. They will have until March 22 to complete the online process. There is no cost. No new certifications are available.

Please encourage dog judges to become familiar with the new Kansas 4-H Dog Rules book. The new Kansas 4-H Dog Show Rules book is available to download or purchase through the KSRE bookstore at https://bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu/Item.aspx?catId=746&pubId=23480 

The recertification process includes questions in each area including general information (10 questions), showmanship (20 questions), obedience (50 questions), rally obedience (50 questions), and agility (50 questions). All participants will answer the general information questions. Then the judge will select which areas they would like to recertify in - showmanship, obedience, rally obedience and/or agility. Participants will receive a separate e-mail with a link to the specific recertification categories. (For instance, if they select 3 areas, they will receive 3 emails.) This will allow them to use the time they have available to complete each category. They can complete only one at a time or continue as time allows.

The online recertification process must be completed by 11:59 p.m. March 22, 2021. Each question has multiple choice answers associated with it. Click on one of the choices for your answer. There is only one correct answer. Upon completion of each category, an answer key will appear for them to review their answers. Their final score will be e-mailed to them. They need to score 80% or higher in order to recertify. If they receive a lower score, they will need to complete an in-person recertification process when it becomes available.

This is the link to start the recertification online process and includes the 10 general information questions.

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