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4-H Youth Development


The mission of the Kansas 4-H Photography Action Team is to create and expand opportunities for youth and adults interested in photography, provide volunteer leadership for Extension units , regional and state level events and work in cooperation with 4-H Specialists to define and refine photography curriculum and competition under the 4-H brand. To apply to become a member of the Photo Action Team, please fill out the action team application, and send it to the Kansas State 4-H Office. Applications are accepted on a year-round basis.

Photography Action Team Members & Committees:

  • Chairman: Allison Grice
  • Chair Elect: Pansy Fryman
  • Recorders: Christy Befort
  • Financial Officer: Bob Harlan
  • Shutterbugs in the Garden, (Botanica, Wichita): Eric Otte
  • Shutterbugs in the Garden City Zoo: Pansy Fryman
  • Shutterbugs at Auburn: Kathleen Ramonda
  • Shutterbugs in Hays: Christy Befort
  • State Fair Photo Judging Contest Chair: Christy Befort
  • State Fair Photo Judging Contest Chair Elect: Eric Otte

Adult Members:

  • Christy Befort, Ellis County
  • Mary Lynn Buchele, Finney County
  • Pansy Fryman, Finney County
  • Bob Harlan, River Valley District
  • Allison Grice, Sunflower District
  • Tammy Grice, Sunflower District
  • Carol Griffith, Twin Creeks District
  • Judy Irsik, Finney County
  • Karolyn Kellogg Howey, Reno County
  • Gaylen Meriwether, Wyandotte County
  • Eric Otte, Sedgwick County
  • Kathleen Ramonda, Shawnee County
  • Ben Stich, Southwind District
  • Susan Stich, Southwind District
  • Ruddy Benavides, Faculty Liaison

Youth Members:

  • Heather Befort, Ellis County
  • Kelsie Conard, Wichita County
  • Katelyn Hageman, Butler County
  • Joshua Irsik, Finney County
  • Ben Yarnell, Southwind District