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4-H Youth Development

Shooting Sports Leadership

Shooting Sports leadership is comprised of volunteers that work jointly with the Kansas 4-H Program Coordinator and 4-H Youth Development Specialist to help provide education, sustain, and grow the Kansas Shooting Sports Program. 

Shooting Sports Advisory

  • Beth Alloway
  • Richard Becker
  • Anissa Jepsen
  • Nora Rhodes
  • Dan Mosier
  • Shannon Rogge
  • Tracy Thul
  • John Torrence
  • Cody Woelk
4-H Shooting Sports Spring Match Steering Group
  • John Reh, Chair
  • Richard Becker
  • Sara Eccles
  • Susie Klausmeyer
  • Tracy Thul
4-H Shooting Sports Archery Match Steering Group
  • Dan Mosier, Chair
  • Arn Eccles
  • Tim Hays
  • Josh Taylor
  • Phillip Theel
4-H Shooting Sports Shotgun Match Steering Group
  • Cody Woelk, Chair
  • Melvin Crow
  • Eric Klein
  • Bruce VanLoenen
  • Derek Zongker
4-H Shooting Sports Small Bore, Muzzleloading and Hunting Skills Match Steering Group
  • Beth Alloway
  • Mike "Bluehawk" Adams
  • Rick Taylor
  • Austin Waite