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4-H Youth Development

Environmental Sciences

The Exploring Your Environment series provides opportunities for youth to engage in learning about environmental science through hands-on, experiential learning experiences in the natural sciences and technology. There's No New Water! is a water conservation and water quality curriculum grounded in the concept that water is a finite natural resource whose quantity and quality must be responsibly preserved, protected, used and reused.

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Things to Learn/Do in the Project
Earth's Capacity (Ages 11-13)

  • Analyze your environment for abundance and scarcity
  • Determine carrying capacity for a specific area
  • Study global climate change
  • Figure your ecological footprint

Ecosystem Services (ages 11-13)

  • Study where your water comes from
  • Learn how soil is formed 
  • Study the energy required to produce food
  • Evaluate recreation and ecotourism

There's No New Water (ages 14-18)

  • Explore natural water cycle
  • Study human interventions that affect water quality and quantity
  • Analyze rural to urban interventions in water cycle
  • Identify and implement service - learning projects that address local water issues

Project Materials

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Environmental Science (EV100)

General Environmental Science Resources

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