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4-H Youth Development

Plant Science Webinars

Purpose of the Project

  • Provide a small group of Kansas 4-H Adult Volunteer Plant Science Project Leaders with knowledge, curriculum and Specialist support to provide positive project experiences for 4-H members.
  • Project leaders become a member of a learning community of other volunteers across Kansas.    

Plant Science Webinar #1 (originally aired October 2011) 

  • Youth Development Topics: Getting Started as a Project Leader, Experiential Learning. 
  • Plant Science Topics: Kansas Online Resources, Planting Bulbs.

Plant Science Webinar #2 (originally aired November 2011)

  • Youth Development Topics: Decision Making including judging contests and project planning/preparation.
  • Plant Science Topics: Garden Planning, Composting.

Plant Science Webinar #3 (originally aired December 2011)

  • Youth Development Topics: Age Appropriate Learning Experiences, Ages and Stages of Youth Development, Public Speaking.
  • Plant Science Topics: Growing Amaryllis and Paper White Narcissus Indoors.

Plant Science Webinar #4 (originally aired January 2012)

  • Youth Development Topic: Record Keeping.
  • Plant Science Topics: Gardening Indoors, Starting Seeds Indoors and Building a PVC Light Stand.
Plant Science Webinar #5 (originally aired February 2012)
  • Youth Development Topic: Service Learning/Community Service.
  • Plant Science Topics: Warm Season and Cool Season Vegetables, Planting Potatoes.

Plant Science Webinar #6 (originally aired March 2012)

  • Youth Development Topic: Developing Independence.
  • Plant Science Topics: Soil Preparation, Planting Seeds.

Plant Science Webinar #7 (originally aired April 2012) 

  • Topics: Meeting the Standards, Exhibit and Fair Standards, Consultation Judging, Judging Contests.