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4-H Youth Development

Shooting Sports

Want to learn proper and safe ways to shoot an air rifle, or bow and arrow? Check out the shooting sports project! The project teaches gun safety, hunting practices plus an opportunity to test your skills. If you have an interest in guns and/or hunting this project is a great way to learn. Check with the local extension office for the availability of a certified program in the county before enrolling in the shooting sports project. Local certified shooting sports coordinators and instructors are required for all disciplines. Kansas 4-H Shooting Sports adheres to the National Shooting Sports Policies. National policy regarding age states that 4-H Shooting Sports Programs are open to all youth 8 years of age or older (as of Jan. 1 of current year).

Things to Learn/Do in the Project

  • Care and safety of shooting sports equipment
  • Demonstrate safe use of air rifle, shotgun, bow, etc. through practice, talks, demonstrations and exhibits
  • Exhibit shooting sports skills at local, district and state events

Local Agent Point of Contact - Link Coming soon

Minimum Standards from National Shooting Sports

Minimum Standards Memo

Equipment Inventory

Kansas 4-H Shooting Sports Handbook- including State Minimum Requirements

Project Club Best Practices


Project Materials

BB (SS101)

  • BB Gun Rule Book

Air Rifle (SS102)

Air Pistol (SS103)

Archery (SS104)

Shotgun (SS200)

Hunting Skills (SS201)

  • See Current State 4-H Shooting Sports Match Rules

Muzzleloading (SS202)

Small Bore Rifle (SS300)

  • Small Bore Rifle Rule Book

Small Bore Pistol (SS301)

Project Leader Resources

  • 4-H Shooting Sports Leader Notebooks are only available when leaders attend a Shooting Sports Certification Workshop

  • Shooting Sports Instructor Position Description - Coming Soon 
    To be filled out and turned into your local extension office. 

Important Match Documents

Events and Activities

State 4-H Shooting Sports Local Qualifying Matches
See specific bulletin & registration information posted for each match

Fall State 4-H Shooting Sports Matches

Spring State 4-H Shooting Sports Match

National 4-H Shooting Sports Invitational Match

Instructor and Apprentice Certified Training Program (ages 14+)

Awards and Recognition

County Level
Award: Medal presented at your 4-H Achievement Banquet
Donor: Kansas 4-H Foundation Patron Sponsor Fund

State Level
Award: Medallion
Donor: Kansas 4-H Foundation Patron Sponsor Fund

State Level
Pratt Community College Scholarship TBA

National Level
Award: $400 National 4-H Congress Scholarship
Donor: Kansas 4-H Foundation Patron Sponsor Fund

National Level
Daisy 4-H Shooting Sports Scholarship
Deadline: Submit applications to Shannon Rogge at luckiksu@ksu.edu by May 15.

For More Information

Shane Potter
Extension Specialist

Shannon Rogge
Program Coordinator