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Kansas State 4-H Dog Conference and Quiz Bowl


Welcome to the 2020 Kansas 4-H Dog Conference and Quiz Bowl Page!
The Secret Life of 4-H Dogs: 2020 Shelter at Home!


This year’s conference will be offered as a free of charge virtual experience.  Although we will all miss getting together at Rock Springs, the 4-H Dog Action Team is excited to offer some excellent learning opportunities for youth and adults from across the state.  The event will include interactive sessions, a competitive quiz opportunity, and a public speaking contest. 

Important Details:

When:  November 7th and 8th, 2020

Who:  The educational sessions are open to youth and adults interested in the Kansas 4-H Dog project.  To participate in the quiz bowl and public speaking 4-H enrollment is requited. 

Cost:  Free to Participate

Registration:  Registration will close on October 30th, 2020.  Please click here to register. 

After you have registered for the event you will receive an email with a detailed schedule and information needed to access the zoom sessions.

T-Shirt Orders: 


Congratulations and Thank You to KS Dog 4-H Member Josslyn DePew, the youth designer of the 2020 conference t-shirt!



  • 10am-11am   Adult/Leader Question and Answer session
    • Proposed topics include judges recertification/certification procedure and the roll out of a new Dog 4-H rule book
  • 1pm Welcome Event!
    • How to engage in the conference and celebration of 4-H Dog project members accomplishments
  • 1:30pm Session One
  • 2:15pm Session Two
  • 2:45pm Session Three
  • 3:30pm Wrap Up for the Day
    • Reminders
      • Watch the Lori Michaels agility videos in preparation for the Q&A tomorrow at 1pm
      • Complete the Quiz Bowl - ends tomorrow at 10 am


  • 1pm Welcome
    • Introduction of the day’s events and speaker – Chris Otto
    • Interaction with Lori Michaels (This is your opportunity for an ask the expert session, please watch the prerecorded session Lori provided as preparation for this session)
    • Recording of Q&A with Lori Michaels
  • 2pm Presentation of Contest Results
  • 2:15p Close and Thank YOU!

Public Speaking:

Submit a video of your dog related project talk, demonstration/illustrated talk, or public speaking as part of the 2020 Virtual Kansas 4-H Dog Conference. Presentations will receive judge's feedback and a ribbon placing as well as being shared on the dog conference web page. Video URL's must be emailed to Jill Martinson (martinso@ksu.edu) by 5 PM on Friday, October 30th.

Quiz Bowl:

The quiz bowl contest this year will also be a virtual experience.  Youth will compete as individuals in a quiz contest.  Youth who would like to participate can register for the activity when they register for the dog conference.  All those who register will be sent a link to take part in a timed online quiz on Thursday, Oct. 5th.  The event will open on the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 5th and close on Sunday, Oct. 8th at 10:00 a.m.  Those registered just need to complete the quiz sometime in the given timeframe.

Results from the competition will be announced during the conference after the last session on Sunday.  The quiz is designed as a fun way to test your knowledge about your Dog and maybe identify areas to study for next year’s competition. 

Conference Videos and Presentations:

Agility Training Tips with Lori Michaels – Introduction  


Agility Training Tips with Lori Michaels – 1 Playtime 

Agility Training Tips with Lori Michaels – 2 Reward 

Agility Training Tips with Lori Michaels – 3 Markers 

Agility Training Tips with Lori Michaels – 4 Communication

Agility Training Tips with Lori Michaels – 5 Body Cues

Agility Training Tips with Lori Michaels – 6 Cuing Jumps

Agility Training Tips with Lori Michaels – 7 Proprioception

Agility Training Tips with Lori Michaels – 8 Motion Obstacles

Agility Training Tips with Lori Michaels – Summary