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4-H Youth Development

Club Communications Project

Module 1Welcome!  Kansas 4-H is excited to continue to develop young people into #TrueLeaders through this effort. Using National 4-H Council’s 4-H Communications Curriculum, Module 1, we will offer a series of webinars to train club volunteers to utilize six lesson plans with their 4-H members.  Club leaders and other club volunteers will be strongly encouraged to facilitate lessons during their monthly club meetings as part of their educational program time. This will strengthen and ensure hands on learning, youth engagement and communications skill building for all club members. 



Watch Recorded Webinar 1 Passcode: 0bz*s4.&

Webinar 1 Slides PDF


webinar 2

Watch Recorded Webinar 2 Passcode: 8vvHz8@E 

Webinar 2 Slides PDF


Webinar 3

Watch Record Webinar 3 Passcode: =zge$&M5 

Webinar 3 Slides PDF