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4-H Youth Development

Community Conversations Series - Curricular Offerings 

Kansas 4-H Youth in Action

COVID-19 has encouraged us to be more innovative and adaptive to the changing needs of Kansas youth and community members. We now offer this entire series online to allow youth to be agents of change in their communities in a new way. 

Community Conversations Series 

2021 4-H Citizenship in Action Facilitator Resources


Visual Thinking Strategies
Introduction to Visual Thinking Strategies

A researched technique currently used at the Beach Museum of Art at Kansas State. It is a facilitated discussion where participants are asked a series of questions that guide them through viewing art. Learn more about VTS here. Curriculum and training can be requested to become a VTS facilitator by contacting aliah@ksu.edu.

Conversation Boot Camp

An interactive experience that teaches participants skills and concepts that enable Community Conversations.
These short lessons are designed to be paired with a 2-hour live session that can be implemented in person or on Zoom. 

Want to host Conversation Boot Camp in your area? Here are online train-the-trainer tutorials to get you started in partnership with the State 4-H Office. 

        Additional Resources:           

Community Conversations Facilitator Training

        Additional Resources:         

    • How do we prevent mass shootings in our community?
    • Mental Illness in America: How do we address a growing problem?
    • Land Use Conflict: When City and Country Meet
    • Bullying: How do we prevent it? 

Potential Future Offerings: 

    • Safety & Justice: How should communities reduce violence?
    • Too Many Children Left Behind: How do we close the achievement gap?
    • Making Ends Meet: How Do We Spread Prosperity and Improve Opportunity?
    • Voting: How should we safeguard and improve our elections?

Find more issue guides at: National Issues Forums

       Online Community Conversations Facilitator Training 

Community Conversations are taking place virtually through Zoom and findcommonground.org. This combination allows participants to interact similarly to in person community conversations. Findcommonground.org provides incredible tracking tools that gauge a group's opinions and aids the processes of finding common ground. Facilitators have a detailed script that allows them to use both their voice through Zoom and the chat feature within findcommonground.org. Interested in hosting a virtual Community Conversation? Contact aliah@ksu.edu to be connected with trained facilitators or to request training for your own team.    

CGA Online Facilitator Script