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4-H Youth Development

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Computer Science

The 4-H computer project teaches concepts related to computers, hardware knowledge, software programming and applications, internet safety, the building, maintenance and repair of computers and future career opportunities.  Youth will be introduced to the five fundamental principles of computer programming, providing a foundation for exploring and creating.

Things to Learn/Do in the Projects

Ages 7 and Up (Newbie Know-How)

  • Identify and use the basic components of a computer
  • Identify the similarities and differences in office software applications
  • Learn to use the internet safely

Ages 9 and Up (Newbie Know-How)

  • Identify internal computer components, operating systems and their processes
  • Develop a knowledge of the building, maintenance and repair of computer

Ages 11 and Up (Peer to Peer)

  • Learn the protocols and program languages that support networking
  • Learn how to avoid viruses and hacking while networking

Ages 13 and Up (Teens Teaching Technology)

  • Develop computer-related community service goals
  • Plan and teach computer skills to diverse populations


Project Materials and Resources

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

National 4-H Computer Science

Historic Curriculum Resources
Click on the link for the below titles: 4-H Computer Manuals (Print only)

  • Newbie Know How - CPU Supplement (7-9 years old)
  • CPU 1:  Inside the Box (10-11 years old)
  • CPU 2:  Peer to Peer (12-13 years old)
  • CPU 3:  Teens Teaching Tech - (14-18 years old)