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4-H Youth Development

4-H Program Development Committees

Sharing Statistics with 4-H PDC Members

It is important to share statistics with 4-H PDC members to help them understand the issues facing the youth of your county or district. Review the "Sharing Statistics with PDC Members" PowerPoint to help you as the Extension Professional, make a plan. As an agent, you can adapt the PowerPoint and use during a PDC meeting.

In deciding what statistics to share, first of all, don't overwhelm them with data. Send a copy of the data out ahead of time so that they have time to review them. Send them a copy of questions to answer to help guide their review of the data.

Looking at the Bigger Picture

To help 4-H PDC members see the big picture of program planning which includes looking at the total school age youth audience. Resource includes teaching outline and worksheet.

  • Looking at the Bigger Picture (PDF) (Word

Links to Youth Statistics

  • 4-H Statistics
  • Situation & Trends from the Office of Local Government
  • Connect Kansas
    • Kansas Data and Planning Guides, organized around caring community outcomes, data is available for all 105 counties. This information, designed to assist communities in addressing issues is updated annually. This site has the percentage of 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th graders who answered yes to 4-H when asked, "Which of the following activities for people your age are available in your community."
  • U.S. Census Bureau Data
    • A quick fact sheet is available for each county.