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Applications for ALL 2021 Kansas 4-H Scholarships will be collected online.  The deadline to complete applications and submit recommendation letters or references is March 1, 2021.

Please note that you will now be required to upload some files that would have previously been emailed.  Listed below each scholarship application link are the required files that you will need to upload in addition to completing the application.

While the more detailed applications allow you to begin, close and return/reopen, it is suggested to have your files ready to upload when you start the application process.  ALL DOCUMENTS FOR UPLOAD MUST BE IN .PDF FILE FORMAT.

Before uploading files, please follow these guidelines for naming your files:

  • Start ALL file names with your FIRST INITIAL AND LAST NAME.
  • Add the type of document, i.e. Resume, Transcript, Reference
  • Example: DRATLIFF Transcript.PDF

PLEASE NOTE – No paper applications or recommendation letters will be accepted.

Kansas 4-H Scholarship Application Link - Application

You will be asked for your 4-H Extension Agents Name and Email address in the application, for us to attain approval.

Files needed for Upload

  • Current Official Transcript from your high school or college/university
  • Two-page Resume of Accomplishments- Page one, single-spaced summary of 4-H significant leadership, community service, participation and recognition, up to and including the current 4-H year. Bullet lists or tables may be used. Start with the most recent accomplishments. Label the 4-H activities: L=local; C/D= County/District; A/R= Area/Regional; S=State; N=National; I= International.  Page two single-spaced summary of non-4-H leadership, community service, participation and recognition in school and community, up to and including the current 4-H year. Start with the most recent accomplishments. 

NEW QUESTION with request for URL.

  • Provide a URL from a pre-recorded short (4 minutes maximum length video of you answering the following question - Take time to dress appropriately and answer professionally
    1. How has 4-H impacted you?

Video URL Options - Please click this link to find helpful information on creating a YouTube video and accessing the URL for entry on the application.  Your YouTube URL is only viewable to the individuals who have the unique link. Please leave your video up for an entire year as Kansas 4-H and the Kansas 4-H Foundation will use these for promotions and stewardship.

Within the Kansas 4-H Scholarship Application, you will find a chance for you to apply for two additional scholarships.  Those are the Kansas 4-H Dog Scholarship and the Kansas 4-H Geology Scholarship.  If you indicate you would like to apply for those in their corresponding screening questions, you will be routed to the additional questions.  Below are the listings of needed information for those two scholarships.

Additional Files needed for Dog Scholarship Applicants

  • Maximum 2-page summary of your involvement in the 4-H Dog Care and Training Project
  • Optional PDF of up to 6 photos with captions from your Dog activities

Additional Files needed for Geology Scholarship Applicants

  • Maximum one-page summary of your involvement in the 4-H Geology Project
  • Maximum one-page story of your favorite memory of the 4-H Geology Project

Kansas 4-H Recommendation Letter Link - Application

Files needed for Upload

  • Recommendation Letter

New Vanier Application LinkApplication

Files needed for Upload

  • 1 Page Resume that Includes 4-H Accomplishments
  • Current Official Transcript from your high school or college/university

New Vanier Applicant References Link - Application

Renewal for Vanier Scholarships Application LinkApplication 

All 2020 Vanier scholarship recipients MUST complete a renewal application for the next school year to be considered for renewal.

Files needed for Upload

  • Current Official Transcript from your college/university – PDF Format



MID YEAR Vanier Information Request

Please complete this form by January 30th, 2021 for processing of the Spring checks.  ALL Checks will be mailed to the address in the form.


Any questions or concerns on Scholarship information, please email kansas4H@ksu.edu