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4-H Youth Development

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4-H Fridays- NC Region Professional Sharing Series

May 1- Summer 4-H Programs

Minnesota 4-H and Iowa 4-H share a few of the programs that they have been working to move to a distance-learning format, as well as common challenges that they face.


May 8- Livestock Exhibiting 

Missouri 4-H, Indiana 4-H, and Wisconsin 4-H share their programs and transition work as it relates to livestock exhibitions and general animal science projects.


May 15- Quality Youth Engagement during Virtual 4-H Meetings

Kansas 4-H, Illinois 4-H, and Ohio 4-H give their respective best practices and learning experiences for 4-H Council and general 4-H Club meetings in a virtual setting. 



May 22- Shooting Sports Education Challenges in a Virtual World

Minnesota 4-H and Wisconsin 4-H discuss how they've approached their Shooting Sports programs along with the guidelines issued by National 4-H Shooting Sports.


June 5- Inclusive Practices and Creating Belonging in 4-H Programs


June 12- Adolescent and Child Mental Health This Summer

COVID-19, disruption, loss of routine and events, and issues of trauma and injustice can and does impact youth development.  What tools and practices can we exercise this summer in order to better lead, direct, and engage youth and volunteers to grow their youth in their mental, emotional and social well-being!


June 19- In School and Out of School Curriculum and Programs