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4-H Youth Development

4-H Fridays- NC Region Professional Sharing Series

May 1- Summer 4-H Programs

Minnesota 4-H and Iowa 4-H share a few of the programs that they have been working to move to a distance-learning format, as well as common challenges that they face.


May 8- Livestock Exhibiting 

Missouri 4-H, Indiana 4-H, and Wisconsin 4-H share their programs and transition work as it relates to livestock exhibitions and general animal science projects.


May 15- Quality Youth Engagement during Virtual 4-H Meetings

Kansas 4-H, Illinois 4-H, and Ohio 4-H give their respective best practices and learning experiences for 4-H Council and general 4-H Club meetings in a virtual setting. 



May 22- Shooting Sports Education Challenges in a Virtual World

Minnesota 4-H and Wisconsin 4-H discuss how they've approached their Shooting Sports programs along with the guidelines issued by National 4-H Shooting Sports.