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4-H Youth Development

4-H Program Expansion Grant

Growing Kansas Leaders: 4-H Program Expansion Grant

Kansas 4-H wanted to reach new audiences, engage more volunteers in 4-H, and marshal the resources needed to significantly grow the 4-H program. To that end, the Kansas 4-H Foundation, the Department of 4-H Youth Development, and K-State Research and Extension partnered to create the Growing Kansas Leaders: 4-H Program Expansion grant program.

In a staggered start over five years, three cohorts turned in impressive results. 4-H enrollment and volunteer numbers increased, new partnerships were formed, and new clubs were established. The grant recipients used facilitated community discussions to create plans, monthly calls with cohorts to mentor peer communities, and face-to-face meetings to celebrate learning and success.

The long-term impact of the investment in time, effort, and resources within this expansion plan is seen through increased number of youth and volunteers, enhanced quality and variety of programs, and stronger collaboration through new partnerships. This work will improve the lives of young people across Kansas. Other 4-H programs can apply these principles and best practices to achieve success.

The Growing Kansas 4-H Through Collaboration document lists the principles and best management practices learned through the Expansion Grant. We suggest using this document with your PDC. For more information please contact Diane Mack, Extension Specialist, 4-H Youth Development, dmack@ksu.edu

Growing Kansas 4-H Through Collaboration

Suggested in the Assessment Process is to convene a community meeting or community conversation. An outline of the agenda used during the Expansion Grant assessment process is attached below.

Community Conversation Outline

Reaching 1st Generation 4-H Families

Request for Applications, 2014 – 2015

The Department of 4-H Youth Development and Kansas 4-H Foundation are pleased to announce the Reaching 1st Generation 4-H Families grant for 2014 – 2015. The purpose of this project is to engage Hispanic youth and their families, in southwest Kansas, in safe and active learning experiences that are grounded in positive youth development.  Those units with significant qualifications “primarily in southwest Kansas” are encouraged to apply.

The primary goal of the project is to expand local programs in which undeserved youth fully participate in 4-H and engage in relevant and age appropriate programming in science, health and leadership development. A secondary goal is to establish new clubs or integrate youth and their families in existing clubs that are culturally sensitive and relevant to the needs and interests of the new families.

Applications for this RFA are due October 1. Grants will be awarded in the amount of $1,000 which may be used for program materials and supplies, volunteer screening, educational opportunities, youth scholarships and local unit support. Grants will be for one year, with an option for extending participation in year two, pending satisfactory completion of year one. Grants start mid October 2014 and end September 30, 2015.