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4-H Youth Development

4-H Events Council

Webinar I- Feb. 19, 2020

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PPT Slides (ppt)


Webinar II- Feb. 26, 2020

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PPT Slides (ppt)



4-H Events Council Suggested Bylaws  (word)

Thriving Model- Youth Program Quality Principles (pdf)

Climate of Trust (pdf)

Youth Adult Partnership (pdf)



Council By-Laws - Central Kansas

Council Constitution - Central Kansas 

Officer Responsibilities - Johnson Co. 

Officer Responsibilities - Central Kansas

Sample Agenda 1 - Lyon County

Sample Agenda 2 - Douglas County

Sample Agenda 3- Edwards County

Sample Budget - Central Kansas

Committee Promotional Flier - Central Kansas

Scholarship Application- (word) Central Kansas

Scholarship Presentation Verification - (pdf) Central Kansas

Douglas County Scholarship Application

Butler County Scholarship Application

4-H Events Council Officer Application - (word) Central Kansas


Links to Previous Webinar Series

County Fairs

Officer Training