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4-H Youth Development


Kansas 4-H invites you to make the difference in the life of a young person. Volunteers make 4-H possible through the passion, skills, and talents they share with young people.  4-H Volunteers are screened and receive ongoing training. Assisted by local staff, they guide youth learning using research-backed curriculum.

Are you curious about volunteering for 4-H? Watch one of our orientation video - How Will You Inspire the Next Generation?

Please visit with Extension staff in your county office about volunteer opportunities!

4-H volunteers make their communities a better place.  In a recent survey when asked "What has been your most significant 4-H volunteer experience?" Kansas 4-H volunteers shared:

"Being club leader ... it is great to work with a variety of youth and watch them grow individually and as a group. I have also loved getting more involved in the community because of 4-H opportunities."

"Watching the kids in my 4-H Club grow and mature. There is just no other organization that allows for the mentoring of youth by older youth as well as 4-H does. I so love watching kids that I think 'oh my' in their junior high years become awesome leaders in senior high and see how the younger members look up to them."

"Developing life-long friendships throughout our county and extension district. Also, the feeling of "belonging" through participating in 4-H."

"Seeing the excitement in the kids when they are involved and enjoy what they are doing"


National Volunteer Week April 7-13, 2019

Ideas to Celebrate National Volunteer Week:

  • Encourage your club members to recognize their organizational leaders, project leaders and other important 4-H volunteers during the week.
  • Use your news column or write a special news release to recognize volunteers in your program.
  • Prepare a series of Tweets or Facebook posts to recognize volunteers during the week.
  • Highlight National Volunteer Week in your April 4-H Newsletter.
  • Handwrite several notes of appreciation throughout the week to special volunteers in your program.
  • Check-in with a new 4-H volunteer to see how things are going and offer help as needed.

Mark your calendar for future National Volunteer Week celebrations - April 19-25, 2020 and April 18-24, 2021.  


First Kansas Volunteer Inducted to National 4-H Hall of Fame

Marilyn Pence Galle was one of 14 inductees from across the country recognized by the National 4-H Hall of Fame in 2014.  Marilyn was a 4-H member in Shawnee County for 11 years, active in Collegiate 4-H while she attended Kansas State University, and has served as a community club leader and project leader for 19 years.  In

 addition, she served on the McPherson County Extension Council and 4-H Program Development Committee.  Galle 

recognizes the challenges and changes that have evolved over the years.  “It’s sometimes hard to make changes, but a lot have been made,” Galle said.  “The main thing is (4-H) has to be for the youth and give them what they need to develop.”

Marilyn Pence Galle


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