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4-H Youth Development

Volunteer Continuing Education

Below you will find a wide range of webinars chosen as resources to aid you in your role as 4-H Volunteer Leader.  The webinars are pier reviewed and from Extension based sources.  Most are an hour or less in length.  You are also welcome to explore the eXtension website: https://learn.extension.org/events and choose other relevant topics to your role as a Kansas 4-H Volunteer (new content is regularly posted).  The goal is to encourage continual learning and growth through content you self-select as being the most relevant to your needs as a volunteer. 

Once you have watched a webinar or have participated in an in person training, please log into your 4HOnline profile to record your learning. Navigate to your Member List page and scroll down to “Register A Member In An Event.” Select your member profile, then select “Volunteer Continuing Education.”  Click Register to continue to enter your continuing education experience. 

Foundational Positive Youth Development Resources

Healthy Lifestyles

Animal Science

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)