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4-H Youth Development

Youth Development PFT

The Youth Development Program Focus Team (hereafter YD PFT) is made up of KSRE staff who work with the Kansas 4-H Youth Development Program.  This page is designed to be a quick resource/reference for staff who are looking for the latest YD PFT action plan and related evaluation instruments to use with a 4-H audience.  The action plans are numbered with the action plans attached as a Word document, so they can easily be copied.

The instruments for an older and younger youth audiences follow each action plan.  The instruments are provided to you in Word, so that you can quickly tailor them for your Extension unit's 4-H audience.  You may add questions, but please do not delete questions.  These evaluation instruments have been entered into the PEARS system verbatim, so that data entry will match up with each specific evaluation instrument(s).

The communication instruments that have been used by counties since 2011 are also included for your use with the instructions provided for both short term and medium term outcomes.  These instruments measure the life skill of communication and are appropriate for use at county 4-H events like 4-H Day, Regional 4-H Days or other 4-H events deemed appropriate by KSRE staff. 

Action Plan:

2019-2020 State 4-H Positive Youth Development Action Plan

Signature Program Actions Plans:

Youth Development PFT Signature Program Survey Planning Worksheet


Community Vitality:(Leadership and Citizenship)

Recorded Webinars:

Analyzing Survey Data for Impact Webinar September 2019

Using YD PFT Survey Instruments in PEARS system webinar May 2019

2018-2019 State 4-H PYD Action Plan Webinar Recording

University of Minnesota Extension Resources from Sam and Erin

5 Steps for Data Analysis

Analyzing Survey Data for Impact

Impact Report Planning Guide

Stakeholder Analysis Tool

Youth Development PFT Survey Instruments:

Protocol for Using Survey Instruments

YD PFT Career Development/College Readiness Survey

YD PFT Communication Survey

YD PFT Community Vitality (Leadership and Citizenship) Survey

YD PFT Health and Wellness Survey

YD PFT STEM and Agriculture Survey
















Previous Versions of Action Plans  

Positive Youth Development Action Plan

Citizenship and Leadership Action Plan

Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in Kansas Action Plan

Science Discovery and Exploration Action Plan