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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

February 14, 2018

NEW! KSRE/4-H Co-Brand Table Cover

Submitted by Mandy Wilson

For a limited time, the K-State Research and Extension Bookstore will be offering a K-State Research and Extension/4-H Co-Branded Table Cover at a discounted bulk rate. These 8' purple table covers are made from polyester poplin fabric and will feature the KSRE wordmark on one side in white with the KSRE/4-H co-brand on the reverse side in white and green. 


Prices will be based on one bulk order placed by the K-State Research and Extension Bookstore. You may purchase 1 or more table covers. Your cost for each will be determined by the total number of table covers ordered by everyone. This item will not be maintained in bookstore inventory and any orders received after March 1, 2018 will be priced at $298.00 each or higher.

Please see below for pricing and contact Mandy Wilson at 785-532-5830 if you have any questions or concerns.

Organizational Total Number
of Table Covers Ordered 

Cost per
Table Cover