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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

November 15, 2018

2019 BB Gun Match Changes

Submitted by Pam Van Horn

New for the 2019 Spring 4-H Shooting Sports Match, the 4-H Shooting Sports Advisory proposed a recommendation on which was approved by the Department of 4-H Youth Development, that the BB Gun Match will follow the Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match format. The match will consist of a 50 question test, worth 100 points, with material from the NRA BB Gun Rules and the Daisy Ten Lesson Curriculum for Shooting Education. The test score will be added to the traditional shooting score of 400 points, for a total of 500 points possible.

Due to the change in format of the BB match, the 2019 Spring State Shooting Sports Match will become a two day match, with the BB Gun match on one day, and the Air Rifle and Air Pistol matches on the other.

For those who have not attended the Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match, the format includes a test and shooting. The shooting portion differs from a typical qualifying match where each youth shoots the four positions in succession and is finished in roughly one hour. The team moves through each position together starting with prone, standing, sitting and kneeling. As a result, the time between prone and kneeling positions takes several hours. Therefore, the match will become an all-day event for each competitor.

This change in the Spring Match format will allow youth to compete in all 3 disciplines if they have qualified in Air Rifle, Air Pistol and BB Gun at the State Spring 4-H Shooting Sports Match, April 13 – 14 at Rock Springs 4-H Center. An additionally change, the 2019 Spring 4-H Shooting Sports Match will follow Kansas 4-H Policies for competitive age 9 – 15 before January 1.