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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

May 15, 2017

Incoming Summer Exchangees begin arriving June 19 and 26

Submitted by Mary Kay Munson

Five Norwegian 4-H’ers and three Costa Rican 4-S representatives will be coming to Kansas for a month exchange through States’ 4-H International Exchange Programs June 26.  They depart Kansas July 22. The States’ 4-H exchangees include the following, their home countries, their hosts and host counties are as follows:

  • Nicole Jimenez, Costa Rica, Corey & Tricia Dehn, Shawnee
  • Maikol Vargas, Costa Rica, Jeremy & Melanie Dunn, Comanche
  • Aaron Quiros, Costa Rica, Brad & Wendy Keith, Graham
  • Iris Frydenlund, Norway, Aaron & Karyn Clanton, Riley
  • Karena Sinnes, Norway, Greg & Mary Kropf, Coffey
  • Sven Amberg, Norway, Curtis & Toni Gauthier, Butler
  • Torgeir Eikeland, Norway, Joe & Amy Schmitz, Marshall
  • Maren Oby, Norway, Kerry & Paula Landoll Smith, Marshall

Kansas 4-H and IFYE exchangees will be arriving June 19 with representatives of Austria, Northern Ireland and Taiwan beginning their programs.  Representatives of Estonia and Germany arrive with the States’ 4-H exchangees June 26.  Finally, the Greek exchangee arrives July 10.