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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

July 22, 2019

Kansas 4-H International Exchange Programs Coordinator Contacts

Submitted by Deryl E. Waldren

Here is the contact information for the Kansas 4-H International Exchange Programs coordinators.

1. Chelsy Champlin, 2010 Kansas IFYE to Sweden continues with the Kansas IFYE Inbound Coordinator position. Chelsy has completed the process for 10 families hosting three inbound exchangees. She facilitated securing applications, positive references, in-home interviews, and background checks for all adults in the household. In addition, she met all three inbound exchangees in Wichita in June, and arranged for their first host family to pick them up. Chelsy also completed a host family orientation, among other tasks. Chelsy Champlin, Kansas IFYE Inbound Coordinator, 785-248-6131; or e-mail her at chelsycoen@gmail.com.

2. Mary Kay Munson, long-time coordinator continues many of her responsibilities, although she has given up the Kansas IFYE Inbound Coordinator role. Mary Kay continues to coordinate other parts of the international exchange programs, including the States’ 4-H academic year program (year-long high school exchange), States’ 4-H exchange programs for 4-H-age members (for both going and coming to Kansas), and the Kansas 4-H IFYE Outbounds (those Kansas IFYEs going to other countries). Mary Kay Munson, 785-238-3631; or e-mail her at munson@ksbroadband.net.

3. Rose Scott continues as the Kansas 4-H Japanese Exchange Coordinator. Rose organizes all parts of the Kansas – Japanese exchange program, which began in Kansas in 1977. In 2019, Kansas will be hosting 24 Japanese youth and three chaperones. Rose Scott, 785-565-3197, or e-mail her at sixtykid2@gmail.com.