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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

September 15, 2022

Applications for Outbound IFYE Exchanges Due November 1

Submitted by Dr. Mary Kay Munson

Kansas young adults 18-25 are eligible to travel abroad to one or two countries where they will have multiple host families through the IFYE Exchange Program, managed by IFYE USA. Applications are through IFYE USA, but interviews and pre-trip orientation are conducted by Kansas. Options are offered for two months, three months and 6 months beginning in June 2023. A link to the online application is found on the Kansas 4-H website at  International 4-H Youth Programs (IFYE) (kansas4-h.org). Interested persons may contact Mary Kay Munson at 785-375-3189 or mkm2@ksu.edu. To meet the Kansas application deadline, they should be submitted to IFYE USA by November 1 and notify Munson that they are submitting an application. Interviews are November 20 in Junction City.