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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

March 16, 2023

Norwegian 4H Teens to Visit Kansas

Submitted by Mary Kay Munson

Six or more members of Norway 4H want to visit Kansas 4-H’ers. Three families have already agreed to host a teen or chaperone June 26-July 19. Families from anywhere in Kansas can help meet our commitment to host 6 or more. They just do what the family members are doing. No extra travel or activities are required. They can be part of wheat harvest, 4th of July, and preparing projects for your fair. It’s a great time to show our Kansas summer! It will be new and fun for them. Families host a teen within 2 years of a host sibling of the same gender.

Early birds can find their preferred match from this list:

Anja, 17-- Likes pets, baking pastries and desserts, nature, photography, travel
Anna, 16--Active in 4H, enjoys music, media (photos and movies)
Astrid, 15--Likes playing volleyball, soccer, board games, camping and 4H
Eline, 17—Enjoys cooking and baking, dreams of seeing the world, discovering new places
Hanna, 15—Enjoys, music, volleyball, animals, movies and reading, wants to see how others live
Hannah, 17—Main interest is soccer, also likes riding (horses), arts, and crafts
Isabel, 15—Likes hanging out with friends, shopping, exploring and wants to try new things
Maria, 17—Enjoys 4H, knitting, cooking, baking, soccer, experiencing new people and things
Mathea, 16—Loves exercising and going to the gym, cook healthy food, shopping, gong to beach
Olea, 15—Enjoys music (plays piano and guitar), plays handball, chills with video games and tv.
Siri, 16—Enjoys sports (especially volleyball) and 4H activities, outdoor life, animals, countryside

Aksel, 15—Hobbies are farm work, outdoors, skiing slalom, and gaming.
Alf, 18—Likes to work, help on the farm, and soccer. He’s on his local youth council.
Anders, 16—Hobbies are local 4-H, working out, watching tv and computer gaming
Hans 29, (chaperone) Needs a host family June 26 to around July 4—Has passion for outdoors, hiking, sports, plays golf. Enjoys cars and technology.
Hakon 18—Likes hunting, alpine skiing, target shooting, agriculture/forestry and gaming
Lars, 15—Main interests are 4H and handball. Does a lot of hiking, outdoor activities, skiing
Ola 16 (would like to place near Kansas City to visit 4-H’er he hosted)—Hobbies include playing clarinet in school band, gaming, volleyball and being with 4H friends.

All would like to learn about American culture, make new friends, and practice to improve English. To get more information about hosting the Norway 4H Exchange, contact Mary Kay Munson, Kansas 4-H Exchange Coordinator at 785-375-3189 or mkm2@ksu.edu. Online application link may be found on the Kansas 4-H website.

Apply to Host (states4hexchange.org).
Kansas 4-H will also be hosting 4-S members from Costa Rica. Details will be available later this spring. Use the same contact and web link for the application.