Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The 4-H Tip Sheet provides timely advice for 4-H members.


Upcoming Deadlines
State and Area 4-H deadlines for local Extension staff, 4-H members and volunteers.

Upcoming Events

Horticulture Judging
The 2015 State 4-H Horticulture Judging Contest will be held on Saturday, August 22 at KSU. The contest is hosted for by the Department of Horticulture, Forestry and Natural Resources. See the Webiste for details and entry forms, register by August 15.
2015 Kansas 4-H Wheat Expo in Hays
The Kansas 4-H Wheat Expo is a wheat fun day showcasing all things wheat. Join us for the annual event on Thursday, August 6th from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at the K-State Ag Research Center Auditorium, 1232 240 Avenue, Hays, KS 67601.
Jim Cain Leadership and Challenge Program
Are you “at the end of your rope?” Don’t be alarmed, since this question is designed to help you strengthen your leadership team by improving skills in team building initiatives and rope challenges.
2015 Kansas 4-H Dog Conference and Quiz Bowl News
The Kansas 4-H Dog Conference and Quiz Bowl will be October 17-18 at Rock Springs 4-H Center. The theme is “All About that Dog.”

Project Information

Last Call for 2016 Kansas 4-H and FFA Wheat Variety Plots
It’s last call for members to enroll for the 2016 Kansas 4-H and FFA Wheat Variety Plot program.

Kansas State Fair

Kansas State Fair – Horse Summary
Horse entry details for the Kansas State Fair Fair
Kansas State Fair Poultry Classes
New poultry classes for the 2015 Kansas State Fair have now been published and are open to all 4-H'ers 9-18 (as of 1/1/15).
KSU Day at the Kansas State Fair
Changes in K-State Day at the Kansas State Fair
Fair Entry is now OPEN
Fair Entry is now open to accept Kansas State Fair entries, if you have any questions about log in and entries, please call the State 4-H Office.
State Fair Horse Show Entries
State Fair Horse Show entries are due August 1st to the State 4-H Office and don't forget to turn in the humane treatment agreement and Kansas 4-H Participation form with entries.

Program Information

Youth Leadership Forum Workshop Presenters Needed
Workshop presenters are needed for the Kansas Youth Leadership Forum on Saturday, November 21, 2015. Please consider taking this opportunity to teach and learn with young leaders. Submission deadline has been extended to July 22.
Academic Year Exchange Students Arrive August 1
Kansas 4-H will be hosting two Japanese high school students for school year in Finney and Clay Counties as part of States’ 4-H International Exchange Programs.
Norwegian 4H members Complete Month’s Stay with Kansas 4-H Families
Between June 24 and July 19, 12 members of Norway 4H including two chaperones were hosted by thirteen families in as many counties.
Host Family Needs for Inbound IFYEs Met
Thanks go to some wonderful families. All the hosts needed for five Kansas Inbound IFYEs (International 4-H Youth Exchangees) were on board before the first IFYEs arrived.
Kansas 4-H Dog Care and Training News
Last call for the Kansas 4-H Dog Conference logo design contest. The Kansas 4-H Dog Action Team is inviting all 4-H dog members to submit their ideas for the Kansas 4-H Dog Conference logo design contest.

Job Opportunities

Bilingual/Bicultural Student Intern Opportunity
K-State Research and Extension will be hiring three bilingual/bicultural students as interns from Aug 31 to Dec 18, 2015.

Other News

Web Change
The 4-H website will be transitioning to the new format soon. We appreciate your help finding broken or incorrect links.
Discovery Days Task Force
Discovery Days Task Force applications are now available.
District Horse Show Supervisor Follow Up
District Horse Show Supervisors should turn in their books to the State 4-H Office as soon as possible.

Reaching New Audiences

Time is relative – Cultural Differences in the Perception of Time
Do you ever wonder why some of your 4-H members arrive “late” to 4-H club or why Parliamentary Procedure just doesn’t seem to fit with certain groups? One main reason is that there is a different perception of time depending on a person’s culture.